Celebrating the 15th Annual Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit – Presenter Q&A with Aaron Sherrill

Interview with Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst

Any conversation about managed or hosted services wouldn’t be complete without talking about security. Resident managed security services expert Aaron Sherrill will present and moderate a panel during our “Building the Cloud Trust” session at the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) on September 24 at 1:15pm PDT, in the Orovada Breakout Room 1 at the Aria in Las Vegas.

Q: What will you be discussing in this session?

A: Finding service providers that can be trusted has become a key concern for enterprises, particularly as cloud and service providers play a larger and increasingly critical role in enterprise strategies. My session, “Building the Cloud of Trust,” will dive into the challenging topic of trust. We will look at how trust in cloud and service providers has shifted over the last two decades, how that trust is continuing to transform, and how cloud service providers are fervently working on ways to prove they warrant trust from their customers. The session will be followed by a panel discussion focused on how cloud and service providers are building trust with their customers, and how enterprises are adapting to disruptive business models, with recommendations for both service providers and enterprises in an economy centered on trust.

Q: Why is this topic significant?

A: While contracts, SLAs and binding promises may provide an adequate standard of trust for some digital assets, most organizations are seeking a much higher standard of trust. Organizations need to know how their digital assets are protected, where those assets reside, how and why their assets are being accessed, and that services are functioning properly – in short, organizations want to verify, on demand, that service providers are doing what they said they would do. 

According to a recently commissioned study and 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services, Workloads and Key Projects 2019 survey, data privacy, security and loss of control are among the top barriers to enterprises leveraging cloud and service providers to a greater extent.

Q: We are celebrating 15 years of our Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit. What do you believe is the most valuable aspect of HCTS?

A: HCTS always delivers presentations on relevant and compelling subject matter, with top-notch speakers and panels for the sessions, but I think the most valuable part of the conference is the one-on-one meetings. The meetings are a highlight not just for attendees, but also for analysts like me. The face-to-face discussions highlight 451 Research’s breadth of knowledge and expertise, and provide us with great insight into the most pressing issues of the day.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from last year’s HCTS?

A: The move to managed services and subscription-based services is expanding into most every industry and technology. However, the move to this new model is much more challenging than most vendors and providers initially believed. Many technology and service providers are trying to better understand where they best fit in a hybrid, subscription-based world.

Q: Many of our attendees return to this event annually. What do you think brings them back every year? 

A: The data and content focused on digital enterprises and the role and importance of service providers in a hybrid and multi-cloud world provide great insight into a rapidly changing market. I believe most attendees discover new opportunities or find key insight that helps shape their business strategies for the coming years.

Q: What are you excited to see/experience at this year’s Summit?

A: It is always great to reconnect and meet new people at HCTS. I am looking forward to hearing from service providers about how they are tackling challenges in security, scalability and building trust, and how emerging technologies are impacting their strategies.

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Prepping for HCTS – Q&A with Senior Analyst Aaron Sherrill

Continuing with our “Prepping for HCTS” series, we are eager to welcome Aaron Sherrill back to Las Vegas for HCTS 2018. Aaron is a Senior Analyst at 451 Research who covers emerging trends, innovation and disruption in the Managed Services and Managed Security Services sectors.

Q: What did you discuss last year?
A: Last year, I led a session with Dan Thompson called “Managed Security Services: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” In that session, we discussed where enterprises are struggling with security in their organizations and examined opportunities for service providers delivering managed security services to fulfil those needs and differentiate their services in a growing market.

Q: What was your biggest take away from last year’s HCTS?
A: I took away that managed services is a broad descriptor – it never ceases to amaze me the many unique approaches service providers take to tackle the market and the various ways services are shaped, packaged, and delivered.

Q: What will you be discussing in this session?
A: My session this year is called “Movin’ on up: Why Service Providers are Moving Up the Security Stack,” and this session will focus on the future of security services, examining the security considerations and opportunities where service providers can add value. Considering that, according to our Voice of the Service Provider survey, 61% of respondents offer security services to their customers.
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Q: Why should HCTS attendees find this session valuable/what can they hope to gain?

A: This session is not just for service providers, but also for those companies that supply technology and tools to service providers and those that consume services from service providers. Security is a broad but important topic for the entire supply and consumption chain of services delivered from the cloud.

Q: Why are you excited to attend this year’s HCTS?
A: I always look forward to catching up with colleagues, meeting new people, and hearing new, big, thought-provoking ideas.

Aaron is one of many 451 Research analysts returning to the main stage at HCTS, which will be held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, September 24-26, 2018. Register for HCTS 2018 to hear all the speakers you have met thus far in our ongoing series, including the previous Q&A with Owen Rogers.
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