Webinar July 20th: The Economics of Serverless Computing

Serverless is more than just hype; it has the potential to revolutionize the way we develop, build and operate applications in the cloud. Understanding the economics of serverless technology is vital to understanding its role in the world and its longer-term potential to disrupt the industry. In this webinar, Owen Rogers, Research Director for Digital Economics at 451 Research, will review these economics, pit the TCO of serverless against traditional virtual machines and containers, and compare pricing across the big four providers, namely AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

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451 Research Finds OpenStack and Commercial Private Clouds Can Beat Public Cloud on Cost – But Only at Scale

In the latest Cloud Price Index, 451 Research analyzes the costs associated with using various cloud options to determine when it becomes better value to use a self-managed private cloud instead of public or managed cloud services. Now, for the first time, cloud buyers and vendors have transparency into a complex pricing model that takes into consideration the major factors impacting total cost of ownership (TCO), including salaries and workload requirements.

451 Research finds that because of the prevalence of suitably qualified administrators, commercial private cloud offerings such as VMware and Microsoft currently offer a lower TCO when labor efficiency is below 400 virtual machines managed per engineer. But where labor efficiency is greater than this, OpenStack becomes more financially attractive. In fact, past this tipping point, all private cloud options are cheaper than both public cloud and managed private cloud options.
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Cloud and the Global Opportunity - Q2 Findings from the Cloud Price Index

Imagine you decided to launch a cloud service today. You face no restrictions on geography and no restrictions on what IaaS you would offer. Where would you host your services, and what services would you offer to that market?

During this webinar, Dr. Owen Rogers, Research Director for Digital Economics, will present Q2 findings from the 451 Research Cloud Price Index and discuss how the data can help end users choose a best execution venue for their workload.

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Session Preview: How does Cloud Economics Affect Digital Transformation?

Dr. Owen Rogers, Research Director, Digital Economics will be presenting at both of our upcoming Cloud Computing Executive Summits – March 8 in New York and April 5 in London. In his session, “How does Cloud Economics Affect Digital Transformation?” Owen will explore the latest findings of the Cloud Pricing Index and breakdown many of the Digital Transformation myths prevalent in the industry today. Below, Owen gives us a preview of what he’ll discuss.
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'Uberification' - the cloud as an agent for digital transformation

'Uberification' - the cloud as an agent for digital transformation
Analyst: William Fellows

Uber has revolutionized the experience of calling a cab. Open the app, choose the service, and use it. And Uber's not alone. Hailo, Lyft and others have similar services – it's disruption on an industry scale. Now, as the 'Uberification' of industries and work forces continues apace, we examine how the cloud industry can emulate or take advantage of Uber's model to increase the rate of adoption and to cement the role of the cloud as an agent for digital transformation. After all, Uber and its peers, as well as disruptors across the industry, are taking advantage of the cloud and cloud applications to innovate and digitally transform industries.

We believe that enterprise users, as consumers of third-party IT services and providers of services to their own IT staff, should be able to enjoy the same experience in service selection or delivery. The keys to Uberification are the user experience, the service model and business-model innovation. It is consumption-based, service-driven and on-demand, with a retail-model discipline. Sound familiar?
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