The Booming Latin American Multi-Tenant Datacenter and Cloud Markets

Join Research Directors Jeff Paschke and Andrew Reichman on May 11 for "The Booming Latin American Multi-Tenant Datacenter and Cloud Markets." In this webinar, they'll look at key markets including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile and the opportunities in the region for datacenter providers, cloud providers and investors. They'll also compare the cloud market in Latin America to other regions of the world, and provide an outlook for what's to come for the region. 

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Join NetApp and others at the #451CloudSummit on March 8!

The Cloud Computing Executive Summit on March 8 in NYC is rapidly approaching, and we recently spoke with Jon Kissane from NetApp, our event’s Platinum sponsor. As SVP, Chief Strategy Officer & General Manager, Cloud Business, Jon has many observations and experiences that he is looking forward to discussing with other attendees next week. Jon and other NetApp staff will be available at the event to meet with delegates, as well as present and facilitate group discussion.
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Session Preview: How does Cloud Economics Affect Digital Transformation?

Dr. Owen Rogers, Research Director, Digital Economics will be presenting at both of our upcoming Cloud Computing Executive Summits – March 8 in New York and April 5 in London. In his session, “How does Cloud Economics Affect Digital Transformation?” Owen will explore the latest findings of the Cloud Pricing Index and breakdown many of the Digital Transformation myths prevalent in the industry today. Below, Owen gives us a preview of what he’ll discuss.
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The Cost of Cloud in a Globalized World

Cloud exemplifies globalization – anyone with a credit card nearly anywhere on Earth can implement IT resources thousands of miles away. A user in Europe can provision virtual machines, databases or even managed services in the US, Latin America or Asia-Pacific in a matter of minutes. The end-user doesn’t even need a passport to do this; the world is closer than ever before. But what does this mean for enterprises and service providers looking at the global opportunity?

In this webinar, we use Cloud Price Index data from the US, Europe, Latin American and Asia Pacific to compare and contrast global cloud prices. We find end-users are likely to pay more for hosting outside of the US, but that this “Protection Premium” is often seen as worthwhile - data privacy, website performance and local support appears to be driving end-users to take the safer approach rather than risk the cheaper, non-local, alternative.

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To the Cloud and Beyond! One CIO shares his journey

We are excited to announce that Scott Strickland will present our “CIO Best Practice Case Study” at the Cloud Computing Executive Summit in New York next month. As Global CIO for Denon + Marantz Group, a producer of consumer electronics, Scott has led the charge on the company’s almost four-year path to reach their current cloud solution. We spoke with Scott recently for a preview of what he’ll share on March 8.

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