Critical Security and Compliance Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Critical Security and Compliance Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Deployments
For IT organizations struggling with demands to improve operational agility, lower operating costs and drive accelerated service delivery the answer more and more is hybrid cloud. Of course, the answer to what is hybrid cloud in the context of a specific organization varies widely. Generally, however, most organizations understand it to mean a mix of private, public and managed cloud.

And while what is best fit for hybrid cloud architectures would again vary, in a recent 451 Research survey of enterprise IT and information security vendors, close to three-quarters of the respondents have already embarked on a hybrid cloud journey – embracing a mix of private, public and managed clouds.
Inevitably, all organizations on the hybrid cloud adoption spectrum must wrestle with making the most of hybrid cloud architecture while still meeting security policies and compliance mandates for the protection and management of sensitive or proprietary data. These are not insignificant challenges. The two biggest problems are how to maintain control and visibility into security practices across distributed infrastructure, and how can organizations manage risk in an environment where technologies built for static infrastructure only cover partial ground.
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Transforming Enterprise IT from Technology Silos to Everything as a Service

How can global organizations like yours transform their IT to meet the ever-changing demands of the cloud age?

Join us on February 18 at 1pm ET to hear how two enterprises changed the way their IT was designed, developed and delivered to adopt a truly digital infrastructure - and demonstrate how it can be applied in your organization!

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Business of Cloud, Datacentre & Hosting Summit Returns to London this April

Business of Cloud, Datacentre & Hosting Summit Returns to London this April
451 Research will host its 2nd annual Business of Cloud, Datacentre & Hosting Summit on 6 April in London. In order to find out more about how BCDH has developed and what you can look forward to, we sat down with Rory Duncan, Conference Chair and Research Director, European Services, at 451 Research.
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Top Takeaways from #451HCTS with Continuum's Mary Anne Halligan

Mary Anne Halligan, Director of Product Marketing at Continuum Managed Services, shared her top takeaways from our 2015 Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit! 

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Provider responsibility: Is there a potential Clinton in your customer base?

Analyst: Carl Brooks

A side issue of the controversy over former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email use points out some of the hazards of being in the IT business in an age of ubiquitous media presence: unwanted attention. Notably, two providers, Platte River Networks and Datto, were caught up in a media storm that attempted to create a narrative of deliberately unsafe practices and possibly even complicity. Both were involved in providing IT services to the Clintons and both providers were asked to cooperate by the FBI, which they did. Their names were disclosed during the public hearings on Clinton's email use.

The idea of conspiracy titillates, and to the public at large, information security is wildly misunderstood and surrounded by half-truths and scaremongering. The FBI probe into the matter of Clinton's emails was extended to these two IT services providers, but news media seem to have glossed over that news in favor of a poorly informed and speculative narrative that these providers might have been risky choices thanks to that lack of understanding.

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