Webinar: Service Provider infrastructure evolution trends

Service Providers are no longer just purveyors of compute and storage; they are now seen as partners for services beyond basic infrastructure and key allies in hybrid architectures. As such, vendors are now paying more attention to this increasingly important buying center.

451 Research launched Voice of the Service Provider to both qualify and quantify buying behaviors, business drivers and strategic priorities for the expanding universe of public cloud providers, hosters, MSPs, Telcos, Systems Integrators, SaaS companies, and Colos.

Join 451 Research’s Al Sadowski, Research Vice President for Voice of the Service Provider, to see highlights from the inaugural Voice of the Service Provider Q1 2018 survey, and learn: 

  • The top service providers pain points
  • Which architectures service providers will use next for compute, storage, and networking
  • The areas where service providers are expanding services geographically 
  • The resources service providers turn to when they run out of datacenter floor space or power
  • How service providers leverage emerging technologies like GPUs, Blockchain, machine learning/AI, Microservices, and IoT
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Datacenter Transformation Vendor Window: CyrusOne, Equinix earn top ratings

Combining a proprietary panel of more than 50,000 senior IT buyers with our robust data-collection methodologies, 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: Datacenter Transformation tracks and analyzes the disruption occurring in the market today and exposes the major opportunities for enterprises, IT vendors, suppliers and investors.

The latest release includes the 451 Research Vendor Window, which plots enterprise adoption as well as Promise and Fullfillment indices that compare vendors' effectiveness at both marketing and execution. The Vendor Promise Index is designed to measure the perception of a vendor prior to purchase, while the Vendor Fulfillment Index is designed as a measure of execution effectiveness around service delivery and product performance post implementation. The study also looks at IT infrastructure and datacenter facility spending trends, datacenter building plans and workload deployment locations.

3.7.2017 data blog post
We saw relatively high overall satisfaction reported by organizations that use colocation services. Whereas colocation is seen by some as the first logical step to full-blown cloud migration, these high ratings captured across the entire sample could further preserve a near-traditional IT ecosystem environment across the data center market, at least for the foreseeable future.

Within those colocation vendor ratings, CyrusOne, Digital Realty Trust, Equinix and CenturyLink all received above-average ratings by customers both prior to purchase and after implementation. This is a challenging market fraught with fragmentation, but leaders in the space (including the aforementioned vendors) are delivering in accordance with customer expectations, particularly for reliability, uptime, network performance, and connectivity options.

Learn more about Voice of the Enterprise here. 
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Introducing Customer Insight: Voice of the Connected User Landscape

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new data product offering from 451 Research - Customer Insight: Voice of the Connected User Landscape (VoCUL). 

VoCUL combines 15-plus years of accurately predicting trends on consumer and business technology buying plans from our leading indicator surveys with topical deep dives and segmentation capabilities of our US population representative surveys. The Leading Indicator respondent panel provides a highly accurate view of new and emerging trends in key technology markets. The Representative respondent panel provides a view into how these trends are materializing in the mass market among different segments of the population.

VoCUL answers key questions for service providers, vendors and investors trying to understand trends and disruptions in how consumer and corporate users buy and use technology.

- Who will gain market share, and at the expense of which competitors?
- What will be the key features driving purchasing decisions?
- What will trigger new purchases, and when?
- Which retail channels will end users buy from?
- Which devices and services are capturing the most attention of users?
- Where are the biggest opportunities and threats?
451 Research clients can subscribe to five Voice of the Connected User Landscape service lines – Endpoints and IoT, Service Providers, Mobile Enterprise, Mobile Pay and Commerce, and Macroeconomic Outlook – or to individual topic areas.

vocul service lines

Learn more about VoCUL here!
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Henry Ford, Uber and the Innovation Revolution

Analyst: Owen Rogers

History is repeating itself. In the same way that the Industrial Revolution changed the lives of normal people, we are on the cusp of another revolution. The assembly line pioneered by Henry Ford is now used to great affect by the likes of Uber and Airbnb. And with little capital and just a few skills, the 'common man' has the opportunity to develop his or her ideas into profits. Innovation is no longer restricted to the big R&D departments – we are undergoing an Innovation Revolution.

The 451 Take

Revolution is a term commonly overused in marketing material. A revolution is a fundamental change in power – do most of the product features described in brochures as revolutions really shift power? No. But over the past few years, low capital access to technology, a vast array of educational material and the division of IT management have caused a shift in power. Innovation is no longer restricted to highly skilled, highly funded IT departments. Anyone with access to the Internet – some three billion people globally – can now learn, develop and innovate IT technologies. The power has shifted: service providers need to ensure that they can play a role in the revolution via interoperability, education and on-demand pricing.

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