Assessing the Impact of Data Science on the Analytics Landscape

The evolution of data science – including machine learning, deep learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence – has had a significant impact on the data analytics landscape in recent years, and looks set to drive considerable change in the market in the coming years.

In response, 451 Research’s new Data Management and Analytics Market Map 2018 includes a complete re-categorization of our Analytics Market Map to reflect the realities of analytics users and use cases today, dividing the analytics market into four key sectors:
  • Analytics tools
  • Analytics platforms
  • Data science tools
  • Data science platforms
During this webinar, 451 Research’s Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics, Matt Aslett, will explain the rationale and definitions behind the new categorization, as well as identifying the key challenges and innovations that will shape the analytics and data science market, and also revenue and growth expectations.

The webinar will also touch on other aspects of note delivered with the Data Management and Analytics Market Map 2018, including:
  • The ongoing evolution of Corporate Performance Management
  • The addition of Data science Management to the Data Management Market Map
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Paris climate accord: A boost to micro-grid, analytics, IoT and energy-efficiency players?

The COP21 climate change agreement, recently adopted by 195 nations in Paris, has been greeted with huge enthusiasm by most involved in sustainability. Summing up the mood, one observer reported, "You could see grownup negotiators falling into each other's arms and crying. The outcome was far better than we could have hoped for."

Much has since been said and written about the merits – and otherwise – of the agreement. There is, as might be expected, a wide spectrum of views. In this report, we:

- Briefly recap the details of the agreement
- Examine how it might help parts of the technology/IT sector
- Identify some of the IT and operational technology (OT) areas and suppliers most likely to be affected

Read the full report now!
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Have you seen our Data Platforms Map?

Have you seen our Data Platforms Map?
Our Data Platforms Landscape Map is designed to help you understand the complex world of Hadoop, MySQL, data caching and more.

We just released the June 2015 update - have you seen it yet? 

Get the updated Data Platforms Map here!
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