The Intersection of IoT and Payments: An Emerging Commerce Opportunity

Join 451 Research analysts Christian Renaud, Research Director, IoT and Jordan McKee, Senior Analyst, Mobile Payments to learn how IoT and connectivity are shifting user behavior and payment vendors' offerings, and will ultimately make transactions far more integrated while far less visible to consumers and enterprises. In this webinar we’ll examine previous attempts at integrated commerce, discuss what worked and what didn't, and detail the drivers underpinning the next frontier of commerce. Throughout the discussion, 451 will leverage recent insights from its Voice of the Connected User Landscape and Voice of the Enterprise: IoT surveys to paint a 360 degree picture of the key opportunities rapidly emerging at the intersection of IoT and payments.

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Today 65% of Enterprises Already Using Internet of Things; Business Value found in Optimizing Operations and Reducing Risk

Utilities and Manufacturing lead IoT usage. Datacenter Equipment, Cameras and Surveillance, Smartphones, and Connected Buildings Lead IoT Endpoints

451 Research’s inaugural Voice of the Enterprise
: Internet of Things (IoT) quarterly study reveals that despite the relatively recent emergence of the term “IoT”, 65% of respondent organizations currently collect data from equipment, devices or other connected endpoints and use that data for a business purpose.
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IoT: Market Developments and Adoption

Internet of Things deployments are well underway across all industry verticals. Please join Brian Partridge, VP, Mobility & Telecom, and Christian Renaud, Research Director, IoT, as they review key technologies such as IoT platforms and security, potential M&A activity, and discuss recent research on edge and fog computing.
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Introducing Customer Insight: Voice of the Connected User Landscape

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new data product offering from 451 Research - Customer Insight: Voice of the Connected User Landscape (VoCUL). 

VoCUL combines 15-plus years of accurately predicting trends on consumer and business technology buying plans from our leading indicator surveys with topical deep dives and segmentation capabilities of our US population representative surveys. The Leading Indicator respondent panel provides a highly accurate view of new and emerging trends in key technology markets. The Representative respondent panel provides a view into how these trends are materializing in the mass market among different segments of the population.

VoCUL answers key questions for service providers, vendors and investors trying to understand trends and disruptions in how consumer and corporate users buy and use technology.

- Who will gain market share, and at the expense of which competitors?
- What will be the key features driving purchasing decisions?
- What will trigger new purchases, and when?
- Which retail channels will end users buy from?
- Which devices and services are capturing the most attention of users?
- Where are the biggest opportunities and threats?
451 Research clients can subscribe to five Voice of the Connected User Landscape service lines – Endpoints and IoT, Service Providers, Mobile Enterprise, Mobile Pay and Commerce, and Macroeconomic Outlook – or to individual topic areas.

vocul service lines

Learn more about VoCUL here!
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Stuck in the Middle with IoT: Christian Renaud previews his #451HCTS session

Christian Renaud (@xianrenaud), Research Director, Internet of Things (IoT), will be one of the featured analyst speakers at this September’s Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit in Las Vegas. 451 Research recently launched its IoT channel with comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research, which Christian will draw on for his presentation, ‘The Internet of Things: At the Edge, in the Cloud and in the Middle.’
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