The IoT Impact: Real Time Data on the State of IoT and its Impact on IT

65% of organizations currently mine data from equipment, devices or other connected endpoints and use that data for a business purpose. Endpoints range from datacenter IT equipment to medical devices to buildings and structures. What value are organizations gaining from these Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives? Who are the major influencers? What effect will these initiatives have on IT investment? Who are the major IT vendors and suppliers most commonly used?

Join Dan Harrington, Research Director, Voice of the Enterprise, IoT, on May 17 at 11:00 am ET for an interactive webinar where he summarizes key takeaways and insights derived from 451 Research’s inaugural, quarterly Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things survey of more than 1,000 enterprise buyers and end users.
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Meet the New Additions to our 100+ Analyst Team!

451 Research is proud to announce 7 key additions to its growing analyst team since the beginning of the year. The longtime philosophy at 451 Research has been to continually reinvest in our business, and 2016 has been no exception. In the first quarter of 2016, we have made a number of significant hires to improve our research, our data, and our management expertise. Below is a list of our recent hires and an overview of their interests and capabilities:
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IoT: A Look Back at 2015, a Look Forward into 2016 and Beyond

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnected set of intelligent devices and objects designed specifically to enable the virtualization of the physical world. The devices can create new value, services and perspectives from the sharing and analysis of their observations of the world around them. Nearly every type of business that exists today can employ IoT systems to create cost savings and efficiencies or support new business models.

In this webinar, we look into how the Internet of Things market is evolving, with major developments in 2015 and our predictions for 2016. We review the considerable M&A activity in the sector, as well as initial findings of enterprise IoT adoption from 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise. The webinar also previews the key focus areas of 451 Research's Internet of Things research channel for 2016.

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Paris climate accord: A boost to micro-grid, analytics, IoT and energy-efficiency players?

The COP21 climate change agreement, recently adopted by 195 nations in Paris, has been greeted with huge enthusiasm by most involved in sustainability. Summing up the mood, one observer reported, "You could see grownup negotiators falling into each other's arms and crying. The outcome was far better than we could have hoped for."

Much has since been said and written about the merits – and otherwise – of the agreement. There is, as might be expected, a wide spectrum of views. In this report, we:

- Briefly recap the details of the agreement
- Examine how it might help parts of the technology/IT sector
- Identify some of the IT and operational technology (OT) areas and suppliers most likely to be affected

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Security summer camp 2015: Three overarching themes at Black Hat, DEF CON and BSidesLV

Security summer camp 2015: Three overarching themes at Black Hat, DEF CON and BSidesLV
Analyst: Scott Crawford

The late summer week of Las Vegas security conferences – Black Hat, DEF CON and BSidesLV – together make up one of the year's most significant industry checkpoints. Although the booming interest in security has made the focus, particularly at Black Hat, more commercial in recent years, these conferences have maintained their position as leading forums for security researchers and practitioners, and as such remain bellwethers of many of the topics and trends security professionals care most about.

The 451 Take

This year, three overarching topics collectively stood out at every venue of the Vegas conference trifecta: the security of technology-equipped automobiles as a focus for growing concerns about security in the Internet of Things, controversy over the sharing of intelligence and security research tools and the role of government in both, and more subtle yet distinct changes in the nature of the security market itself. In this and two other related 451 Research spotlights, 451 Research analysts take a look at these and related themes that will set the tone of the industry in the months to come. 
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