Congratulations Ian Hughes: Doctor IoT!

Last week, 451 Research’s senior analyst for the Internet of Things Ian Hughes was honored with an honorary degree of Doctor of Technology from Solent University.

ian hughes blog imageIn many ways, such an honor was inevitable for Ian, at least in our not-so-humble opinion. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Ian has served as an emerging technologies developer, software engineer, cross-industry app developer and a video game programmer before joining the 451 Research family. He has numerous patents to his name including virtual sporting event simulations, activity tracking and location-based services.

Most notably, Ian became an entrepreneur in 2009 when he started his Feeding Edge. During this time, he regularly appeared as “Super Geek” on the UK children’s program “The Cool Stuff Collective,” built virtual multi-user training hospitals and wrote a regular technology column for a fashion magazine. If you are familiar with Ian on social media, you know he also published two sci-fi novels under his online name Epredator.

Ian has been a familiar face at Solent University for years, hosting speaking engagements for students and faculty about Augmented and Virtual Reality for business and industrial usage as well as the gaming industry – his first love. He also chairs the BCS Animation and Games specialist group at the university and is a STEMnet ambassador. We couldn’t be more proud of our “Dr. IoT” and hope you join us in congratulating him!

Ian’s most recent work at 451 Research include a Technology & Business Insight report entitled “Exploring Industrial Internet of Things Adoption Rates and Maturity Across Industry Types,” a webinar on the same topic which can be accessed on our blog and numerous Market Insight reports tackling many areas of the IoT space. Be sure to also check out his interview with Solent University.
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Industrial IoT: What is Missing and What is Next?

451 Research has covered the adoption of Industrial IoT for several years, and it is a significant area to consider both for existing IT providers and for those industries looking to automate further. IIoT has significant long-term equipment installations, brownfield sites, as well as major new installations adopting all of the latest technology, under its umbrella. This area also has the ongoing organizational struggles between Operational Technology (OT) and IT, making projects more complicated to build and deploy. There are also some noticeable gaps in the approaches to IIoT and its related technologies that may not have been dealing with adequately.

During this webinar, Ian Hughes, Senior Analyst for IoT, VR and AR, and Emily Wentworth, Research Associate, at 451 Research will describe the current state of play of IIoT and then introduce some key challenges and opportunities in the future. Ian will touch on the challenge of defining architectures in IIoT, and testing and implementing solutions. He will further highlight the importance of uniting OT and IT and the role of people in what is often portrayed as a pure automation play, as well as cover how front-line workers will need to engage with IIoT on the shop floor, using tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) to get the full benefit of this digital transformation wave. Emily will cover her work on Cobots in this presentation. 

The webinar will be of use to those in the IT industry who will benefit from the OT perspective and vice versa.
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Business Disruption brings Business Opportunity for Service Providers- Find out more at #451HCTS!

Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, will serve as the conference chair for the 2016 Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit. Recently, Brett took some time to examine both the strategic and technical aspects of transformation, which will be central to this year‚Äôs theme of Business Disruption in the Age of Cloud. Below, we‚Äôve paraphrased some of his discussion points and the potential this holds for the service provider community. For more, watch the webinar in full, and register today to be a part of HCTS.  

Disruption has been growing in frequency over the past few years to the point where organizations can be divided into two buckets: those being disrupted and those about to be disrupted. Several factors have led to this change including, but not limited to, lower barriers of entry, improved flow of information, divergent competitive business models and accelerating customer-adoption rates.

Which new technologies have accelerated disruption?

¬∑         Cloud has increased the ability to move and evolve more quickly. The question for enterprises is no longer why should I put it in cloud, but why shouldn‚Äôt I?

¬∑         DevOps has added agility, speed and flexibility to the deployment scheme, allowing for changes to be made more quickly.

¬∑         Internet of Things (IoT) is far more visible than some of what we‚Äôve seen with cloud; however, it wouldn‚Äôt be possible without cloud. IoT allows us to gather more information and could also be referred to as the ‚Äúintelligence of things.‚Äù

Amid this disruption is a huge opportunity and obligation for service providers. Enterprises are starving for guidance on how to go through this transformation and need service providers to provide it. It becomes their responsibility to help enterprises move forward in order to usher in this new age.

To hear more about the impact of transformation in this new business environment, watch Brett‚Äôs webinar in full, and register today to be a part of HCTS. 
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Today 65% of Enterprises Already Using Internet of Things; Business Value found in Optimizing Operations and Reducing Risk

Utilities and Manufacturing lead IoT usage. Datacenter Equipment, Cameras and Surveillance, Smartphones, and Connected Buildings Lead IoT Endpoints

451 Research’s inaugural Voice of the Enterprise
: Internet of Things (IoT) quarterly study reveals that despite the relatively recent emergence of the term “IoT”, 65% of respondent organizations currently collect data from equipment, devices or other connected endpoints and use that data for a business purpose.
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IoT: Market Developments and Adoption

Internet of Things deployments are well underway across all industry verticals. Please join Brian Partridge, VP, Mobility & Telecom, and Christian Renaud, Research Director, IoT, as they review key technologies such as IoT platforms and security, potential M&A activity, and discuss recent research on edge and fog computing.
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