Webinar: Service Provider infrastructure evolution trends

Service Providers are no longer just purveyors of compute and storage; they are now seen as partners for services beyond basic infrastructure and key allies in hybrid architectures. As such, vendors are now paying more attention to this increasingly important buying center.

451 Research launched Voice of the Service Provider to both qualify and quantify buying behaviors, business drivers and strategic priorities for the expanding universe of public cloud providers, hosters, MSPs, Telcos, Systems Integrators, SaaS companies, and Colos.

Join 451 Research’s Al Sadowski, Research Vice President for Voice of the Service Provider, to see highlights from the inaugural Voice of the Service Provider Q1 2018 survey, and learn: 

  • The top service providers pain points
  • Which architectures service providers will use next for compute, storage, and networking
  • The areas where service providers are expanding services geographically 
  • The resources service providers turn to when they run out of datacenter floor space or power
  • How service providers leverage emerging technologies like GPUs, Blockchain, machine learning/AI, Microservices, and IoT
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Provider responsibility: Is there a potential Clinton in your customer base?

Analyst: Carl Brooks

A side issue of the controversy over former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email use points out some of the hazards of being in the IT business in an age of ubiquitous media presence: unwanted attention. Notably, two providers, Platte River Networks and Datto, were caught up in a media storm that attempted to create a narrative of deliberately unsafe practices and possibly even complicity. Both were involved in providing IT services to the Clintons and both providers were asked to cooperate by the FBI, which they did. Their names were disclosed during the public hearings on Clinton's email use.

The idea of conspiracy titillates, and to the public at large, information security is wildly misunderstood and surrounded by half-truths and scaremongering. The FBI probe into the matter of Clinton's emails was extended to these two IT services providers, but news media seem to have glossed over that news in favor of a poorly informed and speculative narrative that these providers might have been risky choices thanks to that lack of understanding.

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