Software 2016: analytics, acceleration and agility

Analyst: Nick Patience

As technology permeates every corner of our lives, industries previously defined by physical assets are being disrupted by competitors owning no such assets. We know about the likes of Uber and Airbnb, which own no taxis or hotel rooms, but there are plenty of other examples of industries being transformed into digital services, such as farming, laundry, legal advice and money transfer, to name just a few. And those physical assets that are essential are becoming Internet-enabled, providing new opportunities for automation and analysis, as well as new cyber-security challenges.

The 451 Take

An inescapable truth is that every business is becoming a digital business, controlled by software. Companies that don't understand this face the prospect of dislocation, as we have seen with taxis, banking and hotels. Enterprises can expect more asymmetric competition as software continues to disrupt the way that value is created and monetized. Legacy market participants may feel they have the digital assets and people they need, but many lack the imagination to spot where the next disruption is coming from. We believe three broad trends will drive the disruptive forces of software in the enterprise market in the coming year and beyond: analytics, acceleration and agility.

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