HostingCon 2015 looks to the industry's past, future

HostingCon 2015 looks to the industry's past, future
Analysts: Liam Eagle, Al Sadowski 

HostingCon 2015, the 11th instance of an annual event that is a focal point for the community around the Web and application hosting business, took place in San Diego in late July, gathering hosting service providers and technology vendors from around the US and beyond. HostingCon looked to the hosting industry's future with a session program that touched on new technologies, modes of service delivery and go-to-market strategies, as well as the evolving influence of public policy. Its keynote looked to the industry's past, with a presentation by former SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby, who detailed the story of the hosting company he ultimately sold to IBM for $2.2bn.

According to organizers, the event grew slightly from the previous year, attracting just more than 1,100 attendees (or 1,800 including exhibitors). 451 Research participated in the event as attendees, exhibitors and speakers, with our analysts moderating and participating in four separate sessions.
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Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, discusses our upcoming Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit

Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, discusses our upcoming Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit
Brett Azuma, Senior Vice President, Research, is serving as the Conference Chair for this year’s Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit. We sat down with Brett to gain a little more insight on the people you will encounter at HCTS and some of the current issues that will be discussed.
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Does a cloud price war risk providers' profits?

If you believe the headlines, public cloud providers are in the midst of an aggressive war where margins are being slashed and profitability is at risk. But data from the Cloud Price Index shows that although some services are being reduced in price, across whole portfolios very little has changed; the cost of our application has dropped just 2.25% in 10 months. Although compute has reduced about 4% in price since October, no reduction has been seen in management, PaaS, big data or storage. Considering 50% of the CPI specification's cost is on databases, there are still opportunities for providers to make profits even with declining prices (and margins) on compute. End users can make greater savings by committing: best-case pricing has reduced 12% since last October.

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451 Research Takes on the Internet of Things

451 Research Takes on the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a tremendous amount of momentum over the past few years, with a definition that varies greatly based on the source. As defined by 451 Research, IoT is the interconnected set of intelligent devices, objects and wearables designed specifically to enable the virtualization of the physical world. These devices create new value, services and perspectives through sharing and deep analysis of machine to machine (M2M) data. In support of our in-depth coverage of IoT, 451 Research is launching its latest Market Map‚Ñ¢, which offers a comprehensive view of the multitude of vendors within the IoT ecosystem. Download the IoT Market Map now.

“The Internet of Things has become arguably the most hyped concept in the history of IT,” said Brian Partridge, Vice President of Mobility, 451 Research. “While the buzz is understandable, the reality is that we stand at the very early days of a long journey. Today, most companies aren’t yet ready for the massive transformation to the business process that IoT implies. Fully embracing the Internet of Things is a fundamental shift that brings significant risk that must be managed, and it requires data skills that are in short supply.”

Interested in learning more and joining 451 in the discussion on IoT? We recently held a webinar, Navigating the Internet of Everything, to discuss key developments across the IoT ecosystem, including areas of innovation in IoT security, connectivity architecture, and the role of cloud, APIs, middleware and data management platforms. Click here to view a replay of the webinar.

Head over to 451 Research’s IoT coverage to access free reports and the IoT Market Map, and to learn more about our take on the IoT landscape!
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Interop London 2015

Our Chief Analyst Eric Hanselman is presenting at Interop London this week! If you're there, check out his session, "Divide and Conquer: Breaking Down Security with NFV and SDN" tomorrow!

If you're not there, check out this on-demand webinar, "What's Next at Interop London 2015." 

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