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Account-Based Marketing: A Constellation of Multi-Vendor Offerings

Account-based marketing (ABM) used to be something marketers did, not something they bought. Thanks to the confluence of advanced analytics and marketing automation tools, ABM is now an active area of product development for providers.

Join analyst Keith Dawson for this upcoming webinar and learn how account-based marketing (ABM) is taking on new prominence in the marketing technology stack, how ABM has developed into a key methodology for aligning marketing with sales, and how machine learning and predictive analytics power ABM.

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Consumer Tablet and PC Demand Trends: No Holiday Bump for Tablet and PC Buying

Consumer tablet demand has steadily declined in recent years. A recent Voice of the Connected User Landscape survey shows further challenges as the holiday season failed to provide the typical bump in tablet buying.

Apple and Microsoft are focusing on high-end ‘Pro’ tablets, while Samsung continues to offer a wide range of price points and screens sizes. For Amazon, the focus has been on lower-cost tablets that leverage the company’s large ecosystem.

A November survey of 2,257 primarily North American respondents from 451 Research’s Leading Indicator panel focused on how these strategies are translating to consumer demand and customer satisfaction. The survey also took a look at the PC market, including Microsoft’s upgraded Surface Book.

Overall Tablet Demand. The tablet market continues to struggle despite the holiday season. Less than one-in-ten (8%) respondents now say they plan on purchasing a tablet in the next 6 months. As the following chart shows, this is the weakest November reading for tablet buying in the past five years:

data blog kb jan20

While previous November surveys have typically shown a holiday bump in consumer tablet demand, the overall trend has been negative – with each successive year since 2011 coming in lower than the previous one.

Microsoft Surface Book. Interest among respondents in the updated 2-in-1 Surface Book laptop (1% Very Likely, 6% Somewhat) is weaker compared to November 2015 when we asked about interest in the original Surface Book after it had been announced (3% Very Likely, 12% Somewhat). This is not surprising as the newest model received only graphics and battery life upgrades compared to the original model.  

data blog surface book graph

Learn more about Voice of the Connected User Landscape here. 
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Webinar February 7th: 2017 M&A Outlook

With tech acquirers having spent a record $1 trillion over the past two year, what’s the outlook for M&A activity in 2017? Where will buyers be looking and what do they expect to have to spend? Drawing on data and insight from across 451 Research, our annual Tech M&A Outlook webinar will highlight specific trends in key enterprise IT markets – including information security, software, mobility and IoT -- that will shape dealflow and valuations in the coming year.

Join Brenon Daly, 451 Research’s Director of Financials, on February 7th for a look at where the tech M&A market is headed after its recent record run. Reserve your spot today!
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Application containers will be a $2.7bn market by 2020, representing a small but high-growth segment of the Cloud-Enabling Technologies market

The application container market will grow from $762m in 2016 to $2.7bn by 2020, according to 451 Research’s latest Cloud-Enabling Technologies (CET) Market Monitor. Despite making up a relatively small portion of the overall CET market, application containers will see the fastest growth compared to other segments, with an estimated CAGR of 40%.

One of the most remarkable things about the emergent application container ecosystem is the number of vendors large and small that are meaningfully leveraging or offering application-container technology and support. 451 has identified and currently tracks 125 individual application container vendors – and we expect new market entrants to emerge quarterly, including many yet to be identified as container providers.

While containers have enjoyed a great deal of attention and hype in the enterprise, adoption and revenue are just starting to emerge. Though it is still early days for containers in the enterprise, our research has revealed increased movement beyond development and testing to production use.

451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Software-Defined Infrastructure Workloads and Key Projects survey conducted in April and May 2016 showed that of the roughly 25% of enterprises we surveyed who use containers, 34% were in broad implementation of production applications and 28% had begun initial implementation of production applications with containers. This is an impressive adoption growth profile for a technology that has only been in the enterprise for a few years.


About Market Monitor: Cloud-Enabling Technologies

451 Research Market Monitor & Forecast provides a bottom-up analysis with individual estimates and forecasts for each market. The container market sizing has been added along with Private PaaS to our existing and ongoing Cloud-Enabling Technologies (CET) Market Monitor service.

CET includes foundation and support software for the development and management of private clouds and cloud environments leveraged by providers offering public cloud services. Our CET database contains individual models on nearly 300 vendors. Each model includes customer-specific intelligence specific to companies (i.e., customers, pricing, deal sizes and trends) with a forecast that incorporates the unique traits, strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. Learn More
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Webinar January 12th: 2017 Trends in Information Security

Security is changing. New innovations are making defenses such as anti-malware more of a reality than ever before, while yesterday’s incumbents are being remade through new acquisitions as well as selloffs of their legacy security businesses. So what’s next for security? For one thing, the scale of IoT security risk has finally been revealed – while the threat of ransom may provide attackers an alternative if malware becomes less viable. Will security’s innovations be ready enough, soon enough to protect enterprises from today’s emerging threats?

Join this session with Scott Crawford, Research Director for Information Security, to find out why 451 Research has rated all 6 of 2017’s key security trends as “high impact”.

Click here to see a list of all of our 2017 Trends webinars. 

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