Consumer Mobile Payment Trends: Another Uptick in Demand for Mobile Payments

Consumer interest in mobile payment apps is increasing for the second consecutive survey. We’re also seeing greater confidence in the security of payment apps, though the issue of security remains a key obstacle to wider adoption by consumers.

The December 12-30 survey of 4,125 primarily North American consumers from 451 Research’s Leading Indicator panel also took a look at payment app preferences and customer satisfaction.

Excerpt of full report:

Consumer Demand for Mobile Payment Apps. Planned use of mobile payment apps has increased for the second survey in a row, reaching its highest level since we began asking this question back in 2014.  A total of 29% of smartphone owners say they’re likely to use mobile payment apps over the next 90 days (15% Very Likely; 14% Somewhat Likely) – a 1 point increase since the previous survey in September and 5 points higher than six months ago.

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Security is Key to Encouraging New Users.  We asked unlikely users what would drive them to adopt mobile payment apps.  Two-thirds (66%) cite Security Against Fraud that is Better Than Traditional Payment Cards as a factor.  A total of 35% say they want to Receive Discounted Offers, while 26% would use them if it helped Avoid Queuing at the Cash Register. 

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Report details also include:

Consumer Demand for Mobile Payment Apps

Competition Among Services

Customer Satisfaction

Most Important Factors Among Consumers

Perceptions of Security

Encouraging Wider Use of Mobile Payment Apps

Corporate Market: Mobile Payment Trends

Learn more about Voice of the Connected User Landscape here. 

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Smart Home and ISP Trends: Smart Home Market Gaining Steam

Adoption of connected smart home products continues to grow at a steady clip. Could the emerging smart speaker category – led by Amazon Echo and just-released Google Home – accelerate the momentum in this space?

Our October survey of 2,051 North American consumers takes a look at buying intentions for voice-activated smart speakers from Google and Amazon, along with other key trends in the smart home market – including the most popular types of connected devices and how users are interacting with their smart home.

The survey also looked at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry in terms of satisfaction, biggest problems and customer loyalty.

Excerpt of Full Report:

Steady Growth for Smart Home Tech. The overall smart home market has grown steadily over the past year – with a quarter of all respondents (25%) now saying they have at least one type of smart home device. This is up nearly 5 points since our October 2015 survey. 

Connected Devices – Planned First Time Usage. Nearly half (47%) say they’ll purchase a Smart Thermostat for the first time. Smart Outdoor Cameras (39%) is second, while Smart Lighting (33%) and Indoor Cameras (30%) are third and fourth respectively.


Report details also include:
Are Smart Speakers The Next Big Thing?
Steady Growth for Smart Home Tech
A Closer Look at Smart Indoor Cameras
Smart Home Retailers
Future Smart Home Trends
Competition Among Internet Service Providers

Learn more about Voice of the Connected User Landscape here. 

Report details also include:

·         Are Smart Speakers The Next Big Thing?

·         Steady Growth for Smart Home Tech

·         A Closer Look at Smart Indoor Cameras

·         Smart Home Retailers

·         Future Smart Home Trends

·         Competition Among Internet Service Providers

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Account-Based Marketing: A Constellation of Multi-Vendor Offerings

Account-based marketing (ABM) used to be something marketers did, not something they bought. Thanks to the confluence of advanced analytics and marketing automation tools, ABM is now an active area of product development for providers.

Join analyst Keith Dawson for this upcoming webinar and learn how account-based marketing (ABM) is taking on new prominence in the marketing technology stack, how ABM has developed into a key methodology for aligning marketing with sales, and how machine learning and predictive analytics power ABM.

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Consumer Tablet and PC Demand Trends: No Holiday Bump for Tablet and PC Buying

Consumer tablet demand has steadily declined in recent years. A recent Voice of the Connected User Landscape survey shows further challenges as the holiday season failed to provide the typical bump in tablet buying.

Apple and Microsoft are focusing on high-end ‘Pro’ tablets, while Samsung continues to offer a wide range of price points and screens sizes. For Amazon, the focus has been on lower-cost tablets that leverage the company’s large ecosystem.

A November survey of 2,257 primarily North American respondents from 451 Research’s Leading Indicator panel focused on how these strategies are translating to consumer demand and customer satisfaction. The survey also took a look at the PC market, including Microsoft’s upgraded Surface Book.

Overall Tablet Demand. The tablet market continues to struggle despite the holiday season. Less than one-in-ten (8%) respondents now say they plan on purchasing a tablet in the next 6 months. As the following chart shows, this is the weakest November reading for tablet buying in the past five years:

data blog kb jan20

While previous November surveys have typically shown a holiday bump in consumer tablet demand, the overall trend has been negative – with each successive year since 2011 coming in lower than the previous one.

Microsoft Surface Book. Interest among respondents in the updated 2-in-1 Surface Book laptop (1% Very Likely, 6% Somewhat) is weaker compared to November 2015 when we asked about interest in the original Surface Book after it had been announced (3% Very Likely, 12% Somewhat). This is not surprising as the newest model received only graphics and battery life upgrades compared to the original model.  

data blog surface book graph

Learn more about Voice of the Connected User Landscape here. 
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Webinar February 7th: 2017 M&A Outlook

With tech acquirers having spent a record $1 trillion over the past two year, what’s the outlook for M&A activity in 2017? Where will buyers be looking and what do they expect to have to spend? Drawing on data and insight from across 451 Research, our annual Tech M&A Outlook webinar will highlight specific trends in key enterprise IT markets – including information security, software, mobility and IoT -- that will shape dealflow and valuations in the coming year.

Join Brenon Daly, 451 Research’s Director of Financials, on February 7th for a look at where the tech M&A market is headed after its recent record run. Reserve your spot today!
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