Survey finds security continues to be top priority in deploying IoT projects

451 Research’s most recent Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things Vendor Evaluations survey found that security continues to be a major concern for IT professionals when deploying IoT projects within their organizations. When asked to rank which technologies or processes their organizations considered for current or planned IoT initiatives, 55% of respondents ranked IoT security as their top priority.

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More buying, less building in The Age of Consumption

The following is an excerpt of 4Sight, 451 Research's newly-released research framework. In the coming months, we'll be releasing a series of Spotlights on 4Sight and its major themes--Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence, Universal Risk and Contextual Experience.

William Fellows, Founder & Research Vice President, Cloud
John Abbott, Founder & Distinguished Analyst

Cloud has moved beyond being simply a technology and has transformed into a way of doing business. Enterprises can increasingly consume IT without the constraints of having to build and maintain its underlying infrastructure. Opportunities for service providers are seemingly boundless in this new age of consumption, but the rising tide will not lift all boats.

Driven by the cloud's consumption-based, service-driven model, the principles of Invisible Infrastructure are already profoundly reshaping the IT and communications landscape. Over the next decade, they will affect the full range of infrastructure elements, including hardware and software, hosting and managed services, networking and telecoms, and datacenter technologies. Technology consumers are demanding infrastructure that 'just works' – instantly available yet always invisible, operating and scaling regardless of specific requirements, and billed and metered in the manner the customer prescribes. Successful service providers – whether internal IT departments or external suppliers – will be those that can deliver an 'invisible' experience to clients across a growing spectrum of increasingly sophisticated workloads and applications.

Invisible Infrastructure: The Age of Consumption
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Gaining 4Sight into the future

The following is an introduction to 4Sight, 451 Research's newly-released research framework. In the coming months, we'll be releasing a series of Spotlights on 4Sight and its major themes--Invisible Infrastructure, Pervasive Intelligence, Universal Risk and Contextual Experience.

Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst
John Abbott, Founder & Distinguished Analyst

It may seem trite to state that the world is changing faster than ever before. That's a natural product of the progression of modern society. But the change that is happening in information technology today has taken on a different character, which requires a different kind of conversation in sorting out its impacts. There are opportunities that necessitate something more than what we've used in the past. There are also existential threats for those that misstep. The 451 Research team has distilled research data, client conversations, and market and technology insight to produce a framework that offers a new way to assess technology's more distant outcomes.

There have to be deeper conversations around where IT is heading, and they have to reflect changes in expectations and perceptions. The old models and ideas leave too much out. The intrusion of cloud services continues to bend plans and buying patterns. Security concerns spur protections, while users try to push them aside. Greater perspective has to be put to work to effectively guide investment and thinking. 451 Research's 4Sight framework can guide thinking around what the future holds and how to make plans for it.

45ight 2018
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Webinar: 2018 Digital Commerce Fraud Outlook

Transactions are migrating from offline to online channels, driving dramatic shifts in the fraud landscape. 2018 will be another challenging year as increasing EMV penetration in the US further throttles the counterfeiting market, shifting more fraudulent activity into digital channels.

Join 451 Research Principal Analyst Jordan McKee as he discusses the major fraud trends to monitor in the upcoming year and shares market data on the current and future state of the digital commerce threat environment. Register for the webinar on BrightTALK below:

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Webinar: 2018 Trends in Information Security

In 2018, the gains realized from applied analytics will become so pervasive that we expect virtually every security product to be an analytics product. Automation will become more evident, identity will assume new importance, and consolidation will be the word of the day at the endpoint. With new classes of security concerns already making headlines in 2018 – and with EU Global Data Protection Regulation and privacy in the spotlight - what risks are on the horizon?

Join Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security at 451 Research for a live webinar on February 13 as he reviews these and other trends expected to shape the information security landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have on the market. Come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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