451 Research Case Study

Building a Hyperscale Mobile Cloud Platform Strategy



Learn how the 451 Research Advisory team helped a top global smartphone supplier develop a customer-centric strategy for deploying its hyperscale mobile cloud platform.

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The Challenge

Our client, a global leader in mobile handset technology, was in the process of developing a multi-year plan to build out a mobile cloud platform in support of its rapidly growing base of consumer mobile device users. However, the company did not fully understand which mobile services were most important to consumers, and how these preferences might differ by region. Nor had it fully uncovered the strategic direction of its partners and competitors. Without this combined insight, the company could not define its mobile cloud platform partner and development plan. That's where the 451 Research Advisory team came in.

The Solution

Our approach combined primary research with our in-house analyst expertise and longitudinal data studies. First, we conducted a global survey of more than 1,500 consumers in 10 countries to gather detailed data on mobile adoption, spending intentions, preferences and loyalty. We included a broad set of mobile services across messaging, media, payments, gaming and productivity categories. The survey design leveraged insight from our mobility analyst team and data studies from our syndicated research programs so that survey questions were able to pinpoint known consumer proclivities. Once survey fielding was complete, we compiled and analyzed the results, and then identified key highlights and takeaways. Knowing that mobile ecosystems are a key determinant of competitive success, we conducted extensive qualitative analysis of the regulatory frameworks for each target region. We built a framework to help define and measure the effectiveness of a proposed partner ecosystem, and we documented the requirements for intelligent hardware as an enabler for a competitive services strategy.

The Results

Our data-driven insight helped our client to set its strategic direction, make buy/build/partner decisions, and develop and prioritize product development and marketing efforts. We provided insights into key market dynamics, and guidance on customer preferences, mobile application usage, regulatory frameworks and revenue opportunities across 10 countries. We helped prioritize the regions so our client could focus its go-to-market and investment efforts. We provided a five-year pragmatic strategy to help our client grow in local and international markets, providing insights into short-term device and long-term software strategies used to penetrate international markets. We also identified in-demand innovative services in various strategic markets. We presented our findings to the client's executives in an on-site readout session, and followed that up with a detailed set of reports that provided in-depth analysis on customer preferences, market conditions, ecosystems and platforms. With the assistance of 451 Research Advisory services, our client was able to determine which geographic markets to target as it planned its expansion. The insights captured enabled it to prioritize investment, identify portfolio gaps, ensure coverage across required capabilities, and appropriately message to a localized set of potential customers.

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