451 Research Case Study

Transforming to "Everything-as-a Service" by 2020



By collaborating with the 451 Research Advisory team, this large global financial services enterprise was able to develop a strategic roadmap for deploying an "everything as a service" (cloud) transformation program for its entire digital infrastructure by 2020.

Services Used

Custom Study

The Challenge

Within this financial services company, typical deployment times for new IT assets required six months. This led to over-specifying new IT requirements by 3x - 4x the actual need. Senior development practice leads estimated that 20% of their time during new development project cycles was consumed by IT procurement/approval processes. Furthermore, there was no way to effectively scale application environments up or down after the applications went into production. As business demands shifted, some application environments were underutilized while others became increasingly popular. The IT infrastructure in place struggled to meet demand for popular applications even though there was excess capacity available from the under-utilized environments.

At the end of the day, the IT leadership team knew that a transformation of their digital infrastructure was in order to meet aggressive business goals and to satisfy increasingly complex customer demand - and it had to be done by 2020.

The Solution

Focusing on cloud services transformation, 451 Research provided the following key advisory services to help our client build a transformation roadmap:

  • Assessment of the current state of the digital infrastructure categorized by major application workload types.

  • Phone/web surveys of client key stakeholders that identified how existing IT services were actually utilized and how they could be specifically improved.

  • Workshops that determined what the key roadblock issues were, opportunities for improvement, and planning for the right mix of "everything as service" design/ deployment strategies (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.).

  • An industry-wide vendor/service-provider analysis for PaaS solutions. Solution development determined that 85% of all future IT workloads should be placed in PaaS environments - both on-premises and off-premises. This entailed a vendor independent, non-biased deep-dive solution analysis of the entire PaaS industry. Almost 50 solution providers/vendors were analyzed during this project.

  • The 451 Research Advisory team provided an Executive Summary-level PowerPoint document that identified the recommended solution sets, industry-wide vendor landscape analysis, and our take on input from all key stakeholders. The team also documented critical milestones on the journey to transform the digital infrastructure to a 100% on-demand, cloud-services-based model by 2020.

In support of the Executive Summary, the 451 Research Advisory team provided a 100-page PowerPoint deck with detailed analysis on all the findings and recommendations. Included were the results of the stakeholder surveys and detailed analysis of each prospective solution - not just the details of our recommended solution set.

The Results

First and foremost, the project gained 100% buy-in from the client's senior executive management, who fully endorsed the project structure, the decision criteria frameworks, and the strategies and deployment solution sets recommended by the 451 Research Advisory team. Their confidence in the recommended solution was further grounded by the 60+ client stakeholders who participated in the study. With recommendations now being put to the test via proof-of-concept projects, this global financial services company is on the road to building a cloud-based "everything as a service" digital infrastructure by 2020.

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