As the IT industry moves to a distributed, cloud-based and hybrid model, the way that resiliency is or will be achieved is undergoing a revolutionary revision. Single-site, highly available datacenters are still critical, but are becoming components in a distributed fabric, with software managing replication, availability and integrity.

This complimentary report excerpt of 'Next-Generation Resiliency' contains a full analysis on the resiliency imperative:

  • How is resiliency changing?
  • Potential benefits of distributing resiliency
  • Maintaining integrity and availability
  • Base, acid and databases
  • Types of distributed architecture
  • Resiliency in practice

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    Major disruption is occurring across the business productivity software landscape as vendors strive to balance usability expectations with enterprise-grade functionality and security. Distinct market segments are combining technological advances like pervasive intelligence and workflow automation with new approaches to empowering end users in an effort to drive process efficiency, optimize information and knowledge assets, and develop new experience standards across the digital workspace.

    451 Research's 'Business Productivity Software Market Map 2017' report identifies and examines five distinct technology segments:

  • Asset Creation
  • Content Management and Collaboration
  • Structured Work Management
  • Knowledge Capture and Communications
  • Immersive Workspaces

  • This complimentary report excerpt contains the full Market Map, as well as a full analysis of the trends influencing the evolution of business productivity software. 

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    The need for datacenter capacity for edge
    computing and the Internet of Things will
    lead to new datacenter form factors, as well
    as new cloud computing and networking

    451 Research's 'Datacenters at the Edge' report examines the arguments both for and against the rapid buildout of datacenters at the edge, and includes edge architectural schemas, new datacenter types and an assessment of the types of workloads they will likely support.

    This complimentary report excerpt contains a full analysis on the different types of edge datacenters, including datacenters for IoT and edge computing, and micromodular datacenters. 

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    In 451 Research's 'Total Data Management' report, we examine the changes that have occurred in the data integration and management space in the past few years, including the emergence of the concept of the data lake, as well as the role that self service data preparation, data catalogs and data governance have to play in making that concept a reality. The report also explores the emerging trend toward ETL-as-a-service and continuous data integration to support enterprise requirements for integrating data from multiple sources, including SaaS and cloud applications, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

    This complimentary report excerpt contains a full analysis on the changing face of data management, including the data-driven decision journey. 

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    The enterprise application container software market continues to grow in terms of both providers and end users. Key
    drivers include container advantages in speed of application development and deployment, simplicity amid more complex
    architecture and applications, efficiency and cloud-readiness.

    451 Research's 'The State of the Application Container Market' report assesses leading providers in the application container market, highlighting what makes winners and losers in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. In addition to container market sizing and enterprise adoption insight, the report also provides our expectations for containers in the coming years.

    This complimentary report excerpt includes full analysis on Application Containers market sizing, enterprise adoption, and vendor scoring categories. 

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