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Utilize any one of our publishing analysts to provide a custom quote for a Press Release, product card, or digital marketing campaign. A quote from a leading 451 Research analyst will add credibility to your marketing message and provide objective support to your company's perspective.


“It’s still early days for public cloud performance management and monitoring tools because most decision-makers at large and midsize enterprises have not made up their minds about the cloud strategy they want to use. However, the upside potential remains high for performance management solutions and we are seeing monitoring vendors such as New Relic bubble above the rest. We also found that public cloud service providers were using performance management tools to differentiate their offerings on the basis of offering a better quality of service.”

Nikolay Yamakawa, Analyst, 451 Research in New Relic press release

“Software defined storage and hyper-converged infrastructure are coming of age,” said Tim Stammers, senior analyst at 451 Research. “Midmarket companies face mounting challenges storing and managing ever-growing volumes of data. Clearly there is a demand for IT infrastructure that is simpler to manage, and can scale out as data grows. Hyper-converged systems and software-defined storage are strong candidates to meet these needs.”

– Tim Stammers, Senior Analyst, 451 Research in Maxta press release

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