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With the fourth quarter well under way, I'm sure you are busy prioritizing your strategies for 2015 while steadily working to close a successful 2014. I'd like to take just a few minutes of your time to outline some of the steps we've made to better serve you through this critical time of year.


The longtime philosophy at 451 Research has been to continually reinvest in our business, and 2014 has been no exception. Our investments were made with a singular purpose in mind - you.

Significant New Hires

The most important asset to our business is our people. Over the past year, we made a number of significant hires to improve our research, our data, and our management expertise. In fact, I am excited to announce that 451 Research now employs more than 100 analysts. On the right is a list of our more notable recent hires.


Yankee Group Integration

In July, we fully integrated The Yankee Group into 451 Research. As a result, we've significantly expanded our coverage into one of today's most critical IT issues - Enterprise Mobility. Our new mobility research team, led by Brian Partridge, expanded from two to 13 analysts, allowing us to fully deliver on our coverage aspiration: Digital Infrastructure-from the mobile edge to the datacenter core. 


Expanded Quantitative Analysis

Under the leadership of Michelle Bailey, we have made a significant investment in our data-driven research. To bolster our Customer Insight data, we are actively building a proprietary panel of qualified IT decision-makers that is already 6,000-strong and projected to reach 10,000 participants by the end of this year. Combined with our existing network of IT professionals, we now have over 12,500 end-user professionals that regularly consume and contribute to our Customer Insight product family.


Expanded Qualitative Analysis

Independent, objective, hard-hitting and concise... these have long been the hallmarks of 451 Research. Under the leadership of Brett Azuma, we have expanded analysis into new territories while continuing to focus on the core topics driving the digital economy. In fact, we have delivered over 60% more research in the past 12 months via our new research channels: Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Telecom, Networking, Social Business Applications, Data Platforms & Analytics, European Services, and Development, DevOps & Middleware. I invite you to review each of our channel Research Agendas, available by channel on this Web page.


New Data Products

Following our 'boots on the ground' research methodology, this year we launched our Datacenter KnowledgeBase-an interactive database of independently verified capacity details of more than 3,000 datacenters worldwide. We also launched two new Market Monitor & Forecast offerings, focused on the Enterprise Mobility Management and OpenStack markets. Be sure to look out for more quantitative products in the very near future.


New Research Dashboard

In July we launched a new website experience. Our new online research dashboard organizes all of our products and services into 14 research channels designed to make our insight easier for you to find, using terminology native to our industry. Under the leadership of James Stanton, we will continue to improve our customer experience based on your feedback.


Thank you for your time. It's my pleasure serving you as CEO of 451 Research, and I look forward to helping you continue to achieve your business objectives every day. I wish you a successful close to the calendar year.
Martin V. McCarthy 
CEO, 451 Research
New Hires
SVP, Research
Formerly: Ovum, Gartner, AT&T
SVP, Digital Infrastructure and Data Strategy
Formerly: IDC
Sr. Analyst - Information Security
Formerly: Merrill Lynch
Research Director – Development, DevOps & Middleware 
Formerly: Dell, BMC Software, RedMonk
Research Manager – Enterprise Datacenters
Formerly: Microsoft
Sr. Analyst - European Services
Formerly: Datacenter Dynamics, CNET
VP, Services
Formerly: Microsoft
Analyst - Data Platforms & Analytics
Formerly: Computer Business Review
VP, Product Innovation
Formerly: Gartner
Sr. Analyst - Datacenter Technologies
Formerly: Yahoo
VP, Enterprise Strategy
Formerly: Forrester, Gartner


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