Cycle of Innovation Summit Series

Introducing 451 Research's Cycle of Innovation Summits
Creating and realizing value from disruptive technologies

Cycle of innovation

Innovation is a cycle that brings together investment, technology, and customer adoption. 451 Research’s Cycle of Innovation Summits uniquely brings together the complete view to explore and discuss the true market value of these innovations.

Confirmed event locations this year include:

London, UK - June 13, 2019
Boston, MA - November 5, 2019
Menlo Park, CA - November 12, 2019
San Francisco, CA - January 2020

The Cycle of Innovation Summit London was focused around the theme: Enterprise machine learning and AI adoption. In the session, attendees saw newly-released survey data on current usage, future adoption plans and leading use cases for machine learning and AI technologies in the enterprise. How are startups and established players creating value for companies with AI? Our analysts then turned to explore the financial impact and look at how acquirers are responding to the rapidly evolving marketplace. 

Our analysts and leading industry professionals addressed these topics in panel discussions and presentations in this information-packed session. 

If you'd like to attend or interested in sponsoring an event, contact your sales rep or email to request an invitation or prospectus. Registration is subject to approval by event staff.