Datacenter KnowledgeBase

A global database of more than 4,700 colocation and wholesale datacenter facilities.

A global KnowledgeBase of more than 4,700 retail and wholesale colocation datacenter facilities. This KnowledgeBase is established as the industry’s most authoritative and comprehensive set of intelligence on the multi-tenant datacenter (colocation) market bringing together data from on-site visits, quarterly provider outreach and financial analysis.

More than 30 regional markets and over 100 individual metrics tracked per facility. The KnowledgeBase is available in four geographic market levels:

  • Worldwide (global) – all metro areas plus market sizing and forecast
  • Global Region(s) – all metro areas within a single region, plus market sizing and forecast for that region
  • Large Metro Area(s) – sites within a single large metro area
  • Emerging Metro Area(s) – sites within a single emerging metro area

The Datacenter KnowledgeBase is delivered on a quarterly basis directly to clients in a user-friendly Excel Pivot table based file. Subscribers to the Datacenter KnowledgeBase can obtain the most recent quarterly update by contacting 451 Research’s client services team.

Datacenter Market Size Forecast

Market size and forecast for enterprise, cloud and colocation datacenter capacity, split by region by company size, region, datacenter type, updated semi-annually.

The Worldwide Datacenter Market-Sizing Forecast Model and Trends Report represents an installed-base view of the total number of datacenter sites around the world. This comprehensive market model is built on 451 Research's recognized industry-leading coverage of the datacenter market. Segmentations include datacenter type, owner type and owner segment. The market is sized at a worldwide level in terms of number of datacenters and IT sites, square feet and racks, from 2013 through 2018.