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Comprehensive analysis of specific technologies, markets and economic drivers for services and service providers that specifically target the European market.

  • Paris: Multi-Tenant Datacenter Market

    Paris is the third-largest multi-tenant datacenter market in Europe, but the city's providers had not been seeing as much growth as London or Frankfurt. Through 2016, however, a new wave of cloud providers has come into the market, triggering new build and expansion plans. This report provides an overview of the competitive dynamics in the Paris market, a 451 Research Market Map(TM) of the competitors in the area, market share of the dominant providers, supply-demand and utilization trends, a discussion of planned multi-tenant datacenter builds and insight into the trends affecting the market in 2017.

    European Services Multi-Tenant Datacenter

  • M&A Outlook 2017: Multi-Tenant Datacenter, Hosting and Managed Services

    Even after a recent record tech M&A run, dealmakers still had ambitious shopping plans in 2016. Across the globe, tech acquirers announced $500bn worth of transactions in the just-completed year, ranking 2016 as the second-highest annual total since the internet bubble burst. More than any other year, 2016 saw an expansion of buyers beyond the 'usual suspects,' as old-line companies got caught up in transforming their businesses through M&A.

    European Services Managed Services & Hosting Multi-Tenant Datacenter

  • 2017 Trends in Datacenter, Hosting and Managed Services

    Difficulties in managing workloads and data in multiple locations create opportunity for the right providers. Hosting and managed services providers are playing an active role in helping enterprises evaluate execution venues, migrate workloads, set up networks, operate infrastructure and secure data and applications. Datacenter providers are benefiting, with demand for space increasing from public cloud firms, service providers and enterprises. There will be opportunity in providing services and underlying infrastructure; the question is which services and where. Consolidation will continue as firms seek to gain scale and skills to address that opportunity.

    European Services Managed Services & Hosting Multi-Tenant Datacenter

  • Frankfurt Multi-Tenant Datacenter and Hosting Market

    Second only to London in the size of its multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) and hosting market, Frankfurt is a growing metro with the largest potential for colocation, managed hosting and cloud services in EMEA. Centrally placed in Continental Europe, Frankfurt offers convenient facility buildout, increasing network investment and proximity to regional markets in the south and east of Europe. At the same time, Germany's data protection regulations create additional operational overhead for many hosting firms and can create barriers to entry for international firms.

    European Services

  • Amsterdam Multi-Tenant Datacenter and Hosting Market

    The Amsterdam market for multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) and hosting services has seen renewed growth through 2016 and providers say the city - long known as an international trade hub and now gaining traction for the trade in internet traffic - is poised for more growth leading into 2017. The UK's exit from the EU - Brexit - could offer new opportunities, and ongoing demand from US cloud providers and media companies as well as rising interest from Asia-Pacific is fueling new growth with Amsterdam positioned as an ideal location to reach the rest of Europe.

    European Services

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