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TBI Multi-Tenant Datacenter Europe

Comprehensive analysis of specific technologies, markets and economic drivers for global multi-tenant datacenters.

  • 2018 Trends in Multi-Tenant Datacenters

    Not all enterprise workloads are moving to public cloud just yet, but difficulties in managing workloads and data in multiple locations - e.g., on premises, in public cloud, hosted - create opportunity for the right providers. Hosting and managed service providers as well as datacenter providers are benefiting, and the overall industry will continue to grow from the bottom to the top of the stack. However, consolidation will continue as firms seek to gain scale and skills.

    Multi-Tenant Datacenter

  • Multi-Tenant Datacenter Global Providers 2017

    This report examines the overall size, scope and growth of the multi-tenant datacenter market globally. It segments the global market into regions, including North America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); Asia-Pacific; and Latin America. The report spotlights various prominent global datacenter providers and provides a market outlook for each.

    Multi-Tenant Datacenter

  • London: Multi-Tenant Datacenter Market

    London is one of the most dynamic and mature multi-tenant datacenter markets in the world, and its providers are growing their supply. This report provides an overview of the market dynamics, a 451 Research Market Map(TM) of the competitors in the area, market share of dominant providers, supply-demand and utilization trends, discussion of planned multi-tenant datacenter builds and insight into the trends - including Brexit, data regulations and cloud dynamics - affecting the market today.

    Multi-Tenant Datacenter

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