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Comprehensive analysis of specific technologies, markets and economic drivers for networking technologies.

  • Enterprise Networking Market Map 2018

    This report assesses the progress of leading companies in the network hardware, software and services markets in evolving to meet new trends in cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things. How are these companies managing the transitions to bring-your-own-device access, network virtualization, cloud enablement and machine-to-machine communications in the increasingly digital and distributed enterprise?


  • 2018 Trends in Networking

    Four events we expect in networking in 2018 include adoption of intent-based networking, further consolidation in the software-defined WAN market, acceleration of network function virtualization stabilization efforts based on the demand for virtualized services like software-defined WAN, and increased adoption of disaggregation. These portend the growing development and adoption of virtualized networking to address cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things.


  • Software-Defined WAN Does Not Grow on WAN Alone

    Software-defined WAN is expected to undergo robust growth over the next few years, fueled by initial demands for simplifying WAN management and operations, and for lowering cost by harnessing broadband internet links. Further stoking that growth will be expansion of SD-WAN into broader offerings that spread its simplicity across the branch office network. This report assesses and details these opportunities for SD-WAN within the context of overall trends in enterprise networking and IT.


  • Network Functions Virtualization: Achieving Production Deployment in 2017

    The three segments of the network functions virtualization market are maturing at different rates. However, market dynamics in terms of consolidation among open source projects and the emergence of dominant players among today's orchestration deployments mean that the landscape is gradually coalescing around a handful of viable solutions.


  • M&A Outlook 2017: Networking

    Even after a recent record tech M&A run, dealmakers still had ambitious shopping plans in 2016. Across the globe, tech acquirers announced $500bn worth of transactions in the just-completed year, ranking 2016 as the second-highest annual total since the internet bubble burst. More than any other year, 2016 saw an expansion of buyers beyond the 'usual suspects,' as old-line companies got caught up in transforming their businesses through M&A.


  • Mobility Is Driving Enterprise Cloud, Networking-as-a-Service Strategies

    Recent M&A activity in the enterprise networking infrastructure market indicates that mobility is driving vendor strategies and end-user implementation plans. Mobility and wireless have become the on-ramps to networking as a service and other cloud-based deployment models in enterprise networking. This report sizes up vendor 'mobile-first' strategies, looks at how they align with enterprise cloud directions, and determines which ones lead and which ones follow.


  • Dealing With Things: IoT in the Mobile Network Core

    There is no question whether mobile operators will participate in the Internet of Things economy - there is only a question of how. We present three sets of solutions that will enable mobile operators to deploy, operate and troubleshoot IoT apps with greater flexibility, at lower cost and with greater security than they do today. We believe each of these solutions is essential to the success and security of the carrier, its customers and its partners.

    Internet of Things Networking

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