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What Is DevOps?

Devops is a multi-layered, multi-stakeholder IT computing trend that is blending the roles of enterprise software developers and enterprise IT operations professionals with the goal of reducing development cycles while increasing operational stability. 451 Research typically sees devops emerge as organizations start to use the latest tools and practices in both software development and IT operations, including agile development and open source software, and virtual and cloud computing environments. To be successful, devops must close the loop and go from development to operations and back again, also drawing in other teams and stakeholders, including staff handling business requirements, customer relations, security and other areas.

How Will DevOps Affect Your Organization?

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The devops movement has effects beyond the software development and IT operations teams that the term implies. Our research indicates that the trend involves a number of other stakeholders and teams working together to improve software releases, quality, effectiveness for users, and IT operations efficiency, uptime and response.

Webinar: DevOps-Is Your Organization Ready to Adopt It?

451’s Research Director, Michael Cote, and Senior Analyst, Jay Lyman, will be hosting a complimentary webinar Thursday, November 20th at 11 am EST (8 am PST/10 am CST/4 pm GMT) on DevOps : Is Your Organization Ready to Adopt It.

You can Click Here to Register to attend the webinar!

This webinar will address and discuss:

1.   The cycle time reduction that migration to the cloud demands
2.   The numerous challenges that prevent development teams from shortening cycles
3.   The complex technology and tools required

Strategy Day: Leverage 451 Research’s DevOps Expertise

451 Research is offering half day or full on premise Strategy Day Workshops on DevOps. 451 Research Analysts and Advisors will lead an educational and interactive workshop designed for your organization on this important topic. Our Strategy Days are structured to enable knowledge transfer, team interactions, and well-defined, actionable results.

To inquire about the DevOps Strategy Day, speak to your 451 Research Client Services Representative or contact 451 Research Sales at



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