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Information Management (IM) Overview

The Information Management (IM) practice provides research and advisory services focused on how information is managed, accessed, leveraged, archived, stored, protected and retained. It analyzes the industry’s progress toward effective information governance.  The IM program encompasses storage, data management and integration, data warehousing, enterprise search and text analysis, and content management. In addition, the research covers the tools to leverage and analyze the fruits of this information management — business intelligence, analytics, reporting and performance management.

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Contributing Analysts

Robinson_Simon Aslett_Matt Horrigan_David Mullen_Matt
 Simon Robinson
Research Vice President
Matt Aslett
Research Director
David Horrigan
Matt Mullen
Senior Analyst


Pelzsharpe_Alan Roy_Krishna Simpson_Dave Stammers_Tim
 Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Research Director
 Krishna Roy
Dave Simpson
Senior Analyst
Tim Stammers
Senior Analyst


Complimentary Research

Abandoning the EDRM assembly line: a legal-regulatory technology market ripe for change
Analysts:  Carl Brooks Alan Pelz-Sharpe 23 Oct 2013 ~ The legal and regulatory technology marketplace is ripe for upheaval and chock full of opportunity for new entrants, startups and legacy vendors alike.

Nirvanix's exit: the impact on the cloud market
Analysts:  David Horrigan Simon Robinson 22 Sep 2013 ~ Nirvanix's hasty exit, with or without leaving customers flat, has chilling implications for the provider market even as a potential rescue mission may be underway.

Hybrid cloud integration: the business-critical needs that most vendors overlook
Analyst: Carl Lehmann 13 Aug 2013 ~ Current discussions on cloud computing and integration with on-premises systems are, in many instances, bogged down in a technical mire that, so far, almost completely overlooks business continuity.

DBaaS poised to drive next-generation database growth

Analyst: Matt Aslett 7 Aug, 2013 ~ After a slow start, our latest database survey and market-sizing estimates indicate a healthy future for database-as-a-service offerings.

Beyond Hadoop: distributors prepare to do battle for next-generation data platforms

Analyst: Matt Aslett 7 June, 2013 ~ The Hadoop distributors are expanding their portfolios as they attempt to challenge the established database incumbents to be the focus of next-generation data management platforms.

The law of social media: a guide for the enterprise

Analyst: David Horrigan 31 May, 2013 ~ From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn to Twitter, social media have changed the way humans interact in their personal lives. They affect their business lives, as well. Knowing the law of social media has become vital to avoid new digital legal landmines.

451 Research database survey points to MySQL gravitational tug of war
Analyst: Matt Aslett 24 Apr, 2013 ~ Our latest survey of database users indicates that the ecosystem of MySQL-related products and services is becoming increasingly independent of Oracle's MySQL project and product.

Defining and driving 'information governance' in the era of the cloud and 'big data'
Analyst: David Horrigan Carl Lehmann Alan Pelz-Sharpe 17 Apr, 2013 ~ Information governance has become a popular phrase as enterprises deal with the legal and business challenges of sprawling data. The move from reactive to proactive governance is an urgent one.

PostgreSQL: the other elephant in the data management room
Analyst: Matt Aslett 27 Jul, 2012 ~ Often seen as 'the other' open source database in comparison with MySQL, there are indications that PostgreSQL is coming into its own with new cloud-based functionality and commercial offerings.

Below, Research Director Matt Aslett discusses one of his latest reports, "Next-Generation Operational Databases: 2012-2016."  




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