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451 Research Market Map™

  • 451 Research Market Maps™ are designed to provide a view of the vendor landscape by major segment. The map highlights companies competing in multiple segments by connecting them through a circuit line. Identification and placement of companies into these segments is based on analysis, both published and unpublished, performed by 451 Research. This analysis includes interviews, reports and advisory work with several thousand enterprises, vendors, service providers and investors annually. 451 Research Market Maps™ are not intended to represent a comprehensive list of every vendor operating in this market. Inclusion on 451 Research Market Maps™ does not imply that a given vendor will be specifically featured in one or more 451 Research reports. Any interest in participation or questions about the market map can be directed to the appropriate Research Director.

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  • 451 Research Market Maps cover the following areas of enterprise technology:

    • Business Mobile Application Development
    • Customer Experience Management
    • Cloud Management Platforms
    • Cloud Service Delivery
    • Core Networks
    • Data Platforms & Analytics
    • Datacenter Critical Infrastructure
    • Endpoint Security
    • Enterprise Mobility Management
    • Regional Service Providers
    • Integrated Platforms
    • Internet of Things
    • Mobile Application Performance Management
    • Regional Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply
    • Networking
    • OpenStack
    • Radio Access Networks
    • Social Business Applications
    • Storage



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