Market Monitor & Forecast

Market size, share and forecast data for emerging technology markets

Market Monitor & Forecast data exploits 451 Research's deep insight into both startups and established technology vendors. More than 100 analysts work closely with the Market Monitor team to collect data and set revenue estimates. As a result, when clients pair Market Monitor & Forecast numbers with our in-depth qualitative research, they receive a deep and unified view of some of the most disruptive segments of the current technology marketplace.

The Market Monitor & Forecast product family offers market size, share and forecast data for key emerging segments of the enterprise technology marketplace. Our analyst team builds out revenue estimates for each vendor in the segment, as well as performing global and regional market sizing in some areas.

Research Methodology

  • Rigorous Processes: Analysts employ both bottom-up and top-down approaches, building individual models for each of the companies under coverage, as well as forecasting entire markets globally and by country.
  • Verification: Analysts check models and estimates regularly with industry bodies, financial regulators, companies under coverage and their peers.
  • Transparency: Analysts attach sourcing and provenance information to data points, allowing clients to understand the degrees of confidence in forecasts.

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The Market Monitor & Forecast service is available for the following market segments:

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