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A Database of Technology M&A Transactions and Valuations

The 451 M&A KnowledgeBase is the only mergers and acquisitions database focused on the broadly defined information technology sector. It tracks more than 38,000 global transactions across more than 650 segments of the technology and telecommunications markets. In addition, by leveraging the insight of 451 Research analysts, the KnowledgeBase provides in-depth analysis and proprietary deal value estimates for key private-company transactions involving some of the market's most disruptive technologies.

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Core Features & Benefits
  • Proprietary and well-vetted estimates of deal values and trailing revenue numbers for key private transactions, providing users up to twice as many valuation comparables as other databases (see below) – and thus more leverage in negotiating deals.
  • Ability to search for deals via a granular 650-node industry taxonomy, enabling more precise and relevant retrieval of valuation comparables.
  • Proprietary analysis of key transactions, offering users deep insight on the rationales driving these often-disruptive deals and on which buyers and sellers are likely to see additional related M&A activity.


Are You Missing Valuation Comparables?

Buyers and sellers are disclosing transaction values for fewer acquisitions, making it increasingly difficult to obtain the valuation comparables that are an important part of the process of valuing a company.  To help fill the missing comps gap, our entire analyst team works hard to dig up – and verify – deal values and trailing revenue estimates for hundreds of key transactions. As illustrated below, our proprietary estimates add significantly to the number of comps available to M&A professionals – doubling the number of these data points for many segments of emerging technology.


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