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Our Mobility Research

Customer Experience & Commerce

Covering the rapid evolution of customer experience applications and how they drive business outcomes in a digitally transformed world.

The Customer Experience & Commerce research channel covers the many aspects of digital transformation that impact business outcomes. We provide insight into the technologies and applications having a profound effect on employees, customers and partners as businesses transition from digitization to true transformation. Advertising and marketing technology research explores how businesses are creating richer, more personalized (even one-to-one) experiences that enhance the customer relationship. Research into commerce and payments tech explores how optimizing transactional experiences also increases revenue and reduces friction for customers. Coverage of sales and customer service technology tracks the essential tools that allow for tighter integration of internal processes and the reduction of data silos that impede progress. Key vertical markets that lead this transformation form the heart of our coverage, including telecommunications, financial services and retail.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Covering the technologies required to enable the virtualization of the physical world and the new avenues of enterprise value creation made possible by turning IoT data into actionable business insight.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Channel focuses on the emerging technology paradigm in which sensors, ‘connected’ machines and other smart devices create and then disseminate data over the Internet and private enterprise networks. It provides an enterprise-centric perspective on the early adoption and demonstrable benefit of IoT, incorporating insights from throughout 451 Research including enterprise platforms, data and analytics, mobility, security, datacenter and cloud technologies.

Mobile Telecom

Covering the most important innovations in telco strategies including data/video-monetization, multi-play services and new digital service initiatives.

Our Mobile Telecom Channel covers key developments and opportunities in the telecom operator space. This encompasses the most important innovations in mobile and integrated/multi-play services and emerging digital services. Key coverage topics include telecom operators’ mobile data/video monetization strategies, telco diversification into new digital services, migration toward 5G networks and services, business model innovation, content and OTT strategies, telco IoT and customer experience management.

Insights from our Mobile Telecom Channel are relevant for network operators, infrastructure providers, BSS/OSS players, device/OS vendors, app developers, Internet companies and content owners. Our research reports include mobile network operator (MNO) best-practice analysis, technology vendor profiles, market forecasts and consumer behavior insights.

Workforce Productivity & Compliance

Covering the productivity, collaboration, communications and compliance technologies that are shaping the future of the collaborative work environment.

The Workforce Productivity and Compliance (WPC) channel delivers market insight and strategic counsel to those deploying, providing and investing in the technologies shaping the future of collaborative work. A key theme for our agenda is how workforce tools are becoming more integrated, intelligent, social, self-organizing, automated and secure, which in turn is redefining how businesses think of their workflows and business processes. In essence, we track the technologies driving this future of work.



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