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451 Research Products & Services

451 Research provides critical and timely insight focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation to clients at vendor, investor, services and end-user organizations. It is insight that aids both strategic and tactical decision-making for competitive advantage.  The company’s products and services include 451 Market Insight, Practice Area Subscriptions, TheInfoPro, ChangeWave, Market Data Services, Analyst Inquiry and Events. 

451 Market Insight

451 Market Insight is your radar into the business of IT innovation. Whether you are a product manager investigating the competition, an IT decision-maker evaluating the impact of emerging technologies on your business, a service provider finding your place in an evolving industry, or a dealmaker fueling the digital economy, 451 Research gives you the inside track on your business and your markets.


Enterprise451 provides IT professionals with the latest research and peer-based data that can be used in a number of ways, including benchmarking technology roadmaps and spending with peers, as well as in vendor selection and negotiation. The Enterprise451 quantitative research process is repeated in set intervals, providing unmatched historical data to compare against. In addition, we triangulate our fact-based data with cutting-edge qualitative research from 451 Research's experienced industry analysts.

Practice Area Subscriptions

451 Research's market segment coverage is organized and delivered through comprehensive Practice Areas available via subscription.  For each Practice Area, subscribers receive topic-specific Long Format Reports focused on trends and key players, community survey data, adoption analysis and investment trends as well as direct access to key analysts. Long Format Reports provide in-depth analysis of key emerging enterprise IT markets. They incorporate technology insight, vendor profiles and gap analysis, end-user case studies, survey data and M&A assessment for each market segment that 451 Research covers. 

Current 451 Research Practice Areas include:

CloudScape (CS)

CloudScape is an interdisciplinary research and advisory program providing detailed insight, advice and analysis targeting cloud practitioners.  Insight is delivered via frequent commentary, long format reports, analyst advisory services, events and webinars.

Datacenter Technologies (DCT)

The Datacenter Technologies (DCT) practice is focused on the supply side of the datacenter including the many companies, large and small, that have created products to help companies build and manage advanced, resilient and energy-efficient datacenters.

Eco-Efficient IT (ECO-IT)

The Eco-Efficient IT (ECO-IT) practice covers the IT marketplace as companies move beyond their traditional competencies and understand developments in energy supply, compliance, carbon trading and facilities management.

Enterprise Security (ESP)

The Enterprise Security Practice (ESP) provides information and analysis focused on the latest developments in the area of enterprise IT security, and insight on both the established and up-and-coming technology firms in the security sector.

Internet Infrastructure Services (IIS) 

The Internet Infrastructure Services practice tracks the evolution of these markets with respect to factors affecting hosters and MSPs, such as cloud computing. 

Infrastructure Computing for Enterprise (ICE)

The Infrastructure Computing for Enterprise (ICE) practice provides information, insight and analysis focused on infrastructure topics such as virtualization, grid and high-performance computing, application lifecycle management, performance management, service-level management and service-oriented architecture.

Information Management (IM)

The Information Management (IM) practice provides research and advisory services focused on how information is managed, accessed, leveraged, archived, stored, protected and retained. It analyzes the industry’s progress toward effective information governance.

Multi-Tenant Datacenter (MTDC) 

The Multi-Tenant Datacenter practice focuses on the global MTDC market with research covering critical metrics such as total capacity, utilization, and the ongoing supply and demand imbalance, segmented by key regional markets.



TheInfoPro, a service of 451 Research, is widely regarded as "The Voice of the Customer", providing independent, "real world" intelligence on key IT sectors including Cloud Computing, Information Security, Networking, Servers & Virtualization, and Storage. Using one-on-one interviews conducted within a proprietary network composed of the world’s largest buyers and users of IT, TheInfoPro provides data and insights that are used for strategic planning, technology benchmarking, competitive analysis and vendor selection/negotiation.


 ChangeWave identifies and quantifies 'change' in telecom trends, corporate purchasing behavior, and consumer spending/electronics trends. ChangeWave publishes syndicated research reports based on a weekly series of proprietary large-sample surveys of its ChangeWave survey network, a group of more than 25,000 business and technology professionals — along with early-adopter consumers.

Market Data Services

451 Research also offers subscription access to Market Data Services, which provides information and insight from both a market-sizing perspective and an M&A perspective.

Market Monitor

Market Monitor offers market size, share and growth forecast data for key segments of the enterprise technology marketplace including Cloud Computing As-a-Service, Cloud-Enabling Technologies, Desktop Virtualization Software, and Datacenter Infrastructure Management.

M&A KnowledgeBase

The M&A Knowledge Base is a database of more than 36,000 technology-related M&A transactions across more than 650 precisely defined technology industry categories.  In addition, by leveraging the insights of 451 Research analysts, the KnowledgeBase provides in-depth analysis of deal rationales and proprietary deal value estimates for key transactions involving some of the market's most disruptive technologies.

Datacenter KnowledgeBase

The Datacenter KnowledgeBase is a global database of more than 2,300 multi-tenant datacenter facilities. The KnowledgeBase tracks more than 100 data points and metrics, including space, power, utilization rates, capabilities and certifications.

Analyst Inquiry

451 Research Analyst Inquiry enables clients to have direct access to our analysts.

Consulting Services

451 Advisors provides consulting services to enterprises, service providers and IT vendors enabling them to successfully navigate the digital infrastructure evolution.


451 Research's Events team runs a variety of industry-leading events, including our Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summits held annually in North America and in Europe, which attracts C-level executives from end user organizations, vendors, service providers and investors.

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