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The Rise of Polyglot Programming

executive summary Executive Summary

Polyglot programming – the use of multiple languages and frameworks for developing individual applications – presents significant opportunities for software developers and users, but also means big challenges for IT organizations tasked with supporting more technologies. Application languages, databases, API services, and other components and practices are moving beyond the popular, pervasive tools of the past as new ways of building, deploying and supporting applications emerge alongside cloud computing and other key trends. Although there is added pain in programming with multiple languages, benefits such as scalability, interoperability and concurrency increasingly necessitate it for optimal efficiency and quality.

As the polyglot trend unfolds, it brings with it significant disruption and innovation, which we investigate in this report. We also present market sizing and growth implications for polyglot programming, drawing on data and analysis from our Market Monitor service. Considering the enterprise cloud and cloud-enablement markets, we believe polyglot programming will be part of a growing opportunity worth over $35bn by 2015.

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