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The Cloud Pricing Codex - 2013

executive summary Executive Summary

Cloud computing once promised simple, usage-based charging for resources, similar to other utilities such as electricity; unfortunately, the current reality is far from this ideal. Pricing methods for IaaS consumption vary hugely between providers, with each method having its own strengths and weaknesses for both consumer and provider. The 451 Research Cloud Pricing Codex represents the first step in understanding the true cost and value of IaaS offerings. The aim of the Codex is to simplify a complex economic landscape, so that informed strategies for the development and implementation of cloud services can be identified by providers, consumers and others.

Through the results of a provider survey, The 451 Research Cloud Pricing Codex defines a taxonomy of IaaS pricing methods, classifying all methods into one of eight categories. It also defines a taxonomy of bundling, billable attributes and associated usage metrics. Furthermore, the Codex shows the classification of pricing methods and bundles for a number of IaaS providers, and it also attempts to understand the prevalence of these methods in the market in order to identify overall trends.

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