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Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things, Organizational Dynamics - Quarterly Advisory Report

The latest 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things Organizational Dynamics survey provides an in-depth analysis of how corporate enterprises currently deploy or plan to deploy the Internet of Things (IoT) within their organizations over the near- and intermediate-term. It also examines the impact IoT will have on corporations' tactical and strategic technology implementations and business goals. This quarter's IoT survey delivers empirical insight on how businesses and their IT decision-makers -- from C-level executives to IT administrators -- are addressing a wide variety of IoT business and technology challenges. These range from potential deployment impediments like security, the IoT skills shortage and regulatory compliance, to the perceived lack of return on investment (ROI). Our quarterly focus on organizational dynamics also examines how organizations use IoT to achieve tangible business and technology gains in everyday operations. This includes: increasing the uptime and reliability of devices and equipment and performing preventive maintenance. It also extends to developing/enhancing new and existing services and products and to gain deeper insights into their customers' needs. The survey delves into the pivotal IT and IoT-related costs and budgetary issues that potentially speed or impede corporate IoT adoption as businesses plan new IoT initiatives.