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Overview: Cloud-Enabling Technologies

This Market Monitor Cloud-Enabling Technologies report provides updated market and vendor estimates through Q3 2016. Cloud-Enabling Technologies (CET) encompass the vital support system for a cloud environment, which includes the automation and management stack. It is our position that server virtualization itself is an enabler for cloud computing. In addition, what the broader industry terms 'private clouds' fall under the purview of our CET definition because this technology is installed, delivered and consumed on-premises, and is not hosted by a third party. However, the CET tools included in this analysis are commonly leveraged by cloud providers to create the cloud environments they offer as a service.

Greg Zwakman

Research Director, Quantitative Services

Jay Lyman

Research Manager, Cloud Management and Containers

Donnie Berkholz

Research Director, Development, DevOps & IT Ops

Nancy Gohring

Senior Analyst

Kathleen Frodyma

Associate Analyst