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Blockchain Codex 2017

Blockchain is the talk of the town, promising to revolutionize the way we do business with overwhelming disruptive force. As with any innovative technology, potential users need to understand blockchain's capabilities and benefits, and how it works, in order to apply it.

Csilla Zsigri

Senior Analyst, Cloud Transformation & Blockchain

Andreessen Horowitz Abra Accenture ACChain AlphaPoint Technology Amazon Applied Blockchain Arcade City ARI Network Services Artlery Ascribe Augur Amazon Web Services Babb App Backfeed BCS BearingPoint BFT BigchainDB Billon BitFury BitGo Bitmark Bitnation Bits Block Armour BlockApps Blockchain of Things BlockCypher Blockfreight Blocko Blockstack Blockstream Blockverify Bloq BoardRoom Bosch Brave Broadridge Broadridge Financial Solutions Brontech BTCS Bytes Technology Group CA Technologies Cambridge Blockchain Capgemini Cashaa Chain Inc Chain of Things Chronicled Circle Cisco Clause Clearmatics Coinbase CoinDesk Coinify ApS Colony Colu Consensus Base ConsenSys Decent Digital Asset Holdings Digital Space Walt Disney Dragonchain eHealth Foundation Elliptic EY NOCOMPANYMENTIONED Etherparty European Commission Everledger Evernym Factom Filament Fintricity Gem Health Gemalto GetGems Guardtime Hashed Health Health Wizz HealthCombix Hijro HOSTING HyPer Hyperledger IBM ICONOMI Identitii International Monetary Fund ING Groep Insight Intel interAct Interledger IT Innovation JPMorgan Chase Kraken The Kroger Co La'Zooz Libra Linux Foundation Lux Capital Lykke AG MaidSafe McCormick MedRec Micro Microsoft MultiChain Nestle Neuroware Nexus NotarEth Obsidian Platform OpenBazaar OpenLedger Oracle Otonomos Pace Patientory PeerTracks Play PointNurse PokitDok Protocol Labs Provenance Purse Quest Software R3 Rakuten REMME REX Ripple Labs Rising Tide Risk Management Solutions RO Innovation SAP Xage Sequoia Capital SETL SettleMint ShoCard SITA Sita Corp Skuchain Slock.it SmartLedger Spotify Stellar Storj.io Strato Streamium Swarm Swarm City Swirlds Switch Synereo Hutchison 3G Tierion Ties.Network TransACT Capital Communications Trusted IoT Alliance Twister Ubitquity Unilever Union Square Ventures UniquID Vault One Verisart Versa Networks VersionOne World Wide Web Consortium Wal-Mart Stores Wyre Zooz

Cloud Transformation

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