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VoCUL: Q3 2017 Wearable Device Trends (Representative)

Four times a year, 451 Research conducts a population representative survey of 4,000 US consumers about technology adoption, usage and buying intentions to understand how various tech trends are materializing in the mass market. The Wearable devices end-user survey covers current ownership and buying plans for smart watches, health and fitness monitors, smart glasses. The survey focuses on the cannibalization impact of smart watches on health and fitness devices, customer satisfaction, most important features, and security concerns. This survey is organized into 4 sections: Overall Survey Demographics and Device Ownership, Wearable device ownership and buying plans by demographics, Wearable device ownership and buying plans by current use, and Employee usage of wearable devices. It was fielded in September 2017 among approximately 1,000 respondents.

Jean Crumrine

Associate Director of Research

Kevin Burden

Vice President, Mobility Research & Data Strategy

Andy Golub

Managing Director