TheInfoPro Q2 2012 Client Update Webinar

In this client-only webinar, each Research Director highlights the latest findings in their sector.

Topics include: Cloud Computing

  • Workloads Moving to Private/Public Cloud Models: Development and test and custom-built applications lead the way.
  • End-User Assessments of Vendors for Cloud-EnablingTechnologies: VMware, BMC and others are cited for provisioning, automation and service catalogs.


  • Threats to EMC and NetApp Leadership: Insight into whether EMC and NetApp are being threatened by "all in" vendors like Dell, IBM and HP.
  • Big Data and Flash/SSD Implementation Trends: Learn if big data will be a big deal in 2012 and where flash/SSD is getting deployed.

Servers & Virtualization

  • Interest in Integrated Infrastructure: The complexity of virtualized environments is driving interest in integrated infrastructure products from multiple vendors that combine cross-domain technology components into optimized offerings.
  • Software to Manage Virtualized, Cloud-Ready Infrastructure:Software to manage virtualized, cloud-ready infrastructure figures strongly for in use and in plan consideration. The field is open, with many vendors in play and BMC, HP and VMware receiving the most frequent mentions.

Information Security

  • IPO Update: Splunk and Palo Alto Networks fare well among security managers in their respective technology categories.
  • Data Leakage Prevention: Both endpoint and network DLP will be leading new project implementations in 2012.


  • Cisco Dominance: Cisco retains a position of dominance in core networking, as reflected in new 10GigE rollouts.
  • WAN Optimization: The use cases for WAN optimization continue to be relevant, with Riverbed Technology retaining a dominant position in new rollouts.

For each sector, we will also unveil our most recent Technology Heat Indexes™, which show the technologies that will be receiving significant spending over the next 18 months and the vendors that will benefit.

Ken Male

Managing Director

Sean Hackett

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Daniel Kennedy

Research Director, Information Security & Network Practices

Marco Coulter

Vice President, TheInfoPro (a service of 451 Research)

Peter ffoulkes

Research Director, Servers and Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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