Graphite Software Brings Its Spaces Feature to Nexus 5

With the launch of Secure Spaces ROM for Android, Graphite Software is looking to help enterprises safeguard the privacy of Nexus 5 users as well as the business, building on its Spaces mobile virtualization technology that isolates work and personal activities on smartphones.

Graphite Software, which provides secure mobile virtualization technology, has begun to offer a downloadable Android ROM for Google Nexus 5 phones. It features the same virtualization technology used by partners such as Coolpad and Blackphone. The System ROM enables a single device to support multiple virtual spaces, which the company says addresses not only Android security and privacy issues, but can provide different user experiences by way of apps, wallpaper and unique Space security settings. Graphite Software also said it plans to release several Hidden Space apps for free on Google Play.

451 Research Director Chris Hazelton comments

"Graphite Software wants to promote the use of its Secure Spaces to Android users. The idea is to put mobile virtualization technology in the hands of advanced Android users. These users can then explore ideas for how to leverage the security behind Secure Spaces. The company currently targets both enterprises and consumers with its technology, and there are a lot of use cases that Graphite Software has proposed. It has had success with two vendors that are shipping Secure Spaces on devices, now the company is looking to the Android community to validate its uses cases and come up with new ones. This strategy speaks to the flexibility of Secure Spaces, and the wide variety uses for mobile virtualization in the consumer space. New use cases can further prove the viability of mobile virtualization in the enterprise."

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