Total Data market expected to reach $132bn by 2020

The Total Data market is expected to grow from just under $70bn in revenue in 2015 to $132bn in 2020, according to the latest update from 451 Research's Total Data Market Monitor service. The service presents data generated via a bottom-up analysis of 288 vendors that participate across the nine Total Data segments we track (up from 202 vendors in 2015).

The 451 Take

The Total Data market is expected to nearly double in size – from $69.6bn in revenue in 2015 to $132.3bn in 2020 – according to the latest update from 451 Research's Total Data Market Monitor service. We expect the continued and expanded focus on big data, which has driven a wave of adoption to address unstructured data in addition to existing structured data processing and analytics technologies, will help drive market growth, contributing to a CAGR of 14% from 2015 to 2020.

Worldwide Total Data revenue by segment ($M) 2015-2020

Source: Market Monitor: Total Data, Q2 2016

The specific market segments included in our analysis are operational databases, analytic databases, reporting and analytics, data management, performance management, event/stream processing, distributed data grid/cache, Hadoop, and search-based data platforms and analytics. Specifically, we track 68 operational database participants, 35 in the analytic database market, 109 within the reporting and analytics segment, 71 data management vendors, 15 performance management vendors, 25 event/stream-processing vendors, 17 distributed data grid/cache vendors, 30 Hadoop vendors, and 24 search-based data platforms and analytics vendors.

Report overview

The Total Data Market Monitor report examines revenue generated by 288 vendors and segments the aggregate market into nine sectors. At the core of the Market Monitor service is a database that incorporates individual models on each of the 288 participating vendors and highlights revenue generated by the specific product or service included in the analysis. Therefore, our forecast is an aggregation of the growth trends, challenges and opportunities facing each vendor. This pure bottom-up approach allows a greater level of visibility into our figures and the assumptions behind our forecasts, which are backed up by recent end-user survey results from ChangeWave Research and The Voice of the Enterprise (services of 451 Research), and enables deep-dive analytics to be performed that go beyond top-line market revenue forecasts.

Total Data taxonomy

Source: Market Monitor: Total Data Q2

Operational Databases are further segmented into traditional relational and nonrelational, NoSQL, and NewSQL.

Subsector highlights

As shown above, our Total Data market sizing contains several subsectors that are broken out in the overview report and examined closely in our quarterly reports published as part of the Market Monitor service. Some high-level takeaways from our analysis include:

  • The 68 operational database vendors generate the bulk of total market revenue, followed by the 109 reporting and analytics vendors and the 35 participants in the analytic database market. These three segments account for the majority of total market revenue.
  • While significantly smaller than the big three highlighted above, data management represents the fourth-largest Total Data market segment in terms of revenue, and the second-largest segment in terms of participants with 71.
  • The 30 Hadoop vendors are expected to witness the highest level of growth over the next five years, followed by distributed data grid/cache and event/stream processing.

In addition to the top-line market and subsector revenue, Total Data Market Monitor examines market revenue generation by geographic segment. Unsurprisingly, North America contains the largest number of participants (246) and accounts for the lion's share of revenue, followed by EMEA, APAC and LATAM, with the latter representing the smallest region in terms of total participants and revenue generation. In addition to the segments listed above, we break out Total Data-as-a-service revenue, and segment operational databases into NoSQL, NewSQL, and traditional relational and nonrelational database revenue.

As highlighted above, given the bottom-up nature of our market analysis, we can provide granular detail at the vendor level. For example, market revenue generated by publicly traded firms accounted for 87% of the total, with private firms representing the remaining 13%. In terms of the number of vendors, however, public companies represent just 9% of the total, with 91% of participants privately owned.

The market revenue distribution shows that the vast majority of vendors are still below the $20m threshold (74% of total), and the vendors that constitute the midmarket ($100m-$1bn in revenue) accounted for 7% of the 2015 total revenue. After examining the market revenue segmented by the 288 providers included, we have determined that only eight vendors accounted for more than $1bn each in the aggregate revenue for 2015, with 91% of all vendors generating less than $100m in annual revenue.

451 Research's Data Platforms and Analytics practice contributes to the Market Monitor Total Data service, and will be using the data to produce regular Technology & Business Insight reports. The latest of these, Forecast: Total Data 2016, provides a high-level overview of the key findings of the latest Total Data Market Monitor. Subscribers of the Total Data Market Monitor service may request a custom cut of any data provided in this report, or can schedule a briefing for further insight.

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