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  • Another unicorn in the making: Adaptive Insights files for IPO

    The cloud-based CPM startup has followed through on its long-standing strategy to go public. However, its just-filed paperwork shows the company to be among the smaller – and slow-growing – vendors looking to debut. Still, Adaptive Insights is likely to be a unicorn when it hits Wall Street next month.

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  • Eye-popping valuations for head-spinning growth

    Adaptive Insights' planned IPO will provide some insights into how investors have adapted to the small tech IPOs. Thus far, Wall Street has snapped up the freshly printed shares in startups that have come public, bidding them into stratospheric valuations. That's mostly because revenue at these startups is soaring. But what happens to the IPO candidates that don't post spectacular growth?

    Workforce Productivity & Compliance

  • A new deal for Nuance?

    Nuance Communications, a speech-recognition rollup that has rolled into a rough patch in recent years, is rumored to have stepped back into the M&A market. Several sources have indicated that Nuance has quietly picked up VoiceBox, a voice technology provider specializing in natural-language understanding.

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  • Offerings that only go up

    The tech IPO market continues to defy gravity. Once again, shares from a newly listed business-focused tech provider priced higher than expected and then moved even higher in the aftermarket. By our count, Pluralsight became the ninth enterprise technology vendor to come public, with all nine of the companies trading above water.

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  • Unicorns find homes in distant lands

    For the most part, VCs have been far more proficient in creating unicorns than selling them. More than 150 of these startups with billion-dollar-plus valuations are currently roaming around the lush landscapes of Silicon Valley. Finding permanent homes for these highly valued companies, however, has increasingly required venturing to far-off lands. For instance, Glassdoor found a buyer some 5,000 miles from home.

  • Doubling value by dual-tracking

    After one of the longer IPO gestation periods, Carbon Black has officially come public. The offering came after the endpoint security startup was rumored to have spent several months talking to potential suitors. Instead of selling, the company stayed independent and continued its journey to Wall Street. It's a decision that has paid off, effectively doubling Carbon Black's value.

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  • A spring boost for tech M&A

    A long-anticipated blockbuster telecom tie-up pushed acquisition spending in April to its highest level in seven months as corporate buyers once again flexed their M&A muscle. Sure, T-Mobile's reach for Sprint skewed last month's total, accounting for half of all spending. But other companies also put up their biggest prints.

  • Double-booked on the IPO calendar

    After years of vast blank spaces, the tech IPO calendar is now so crowded that it's double-booked. Both DocuSign and Smartsheet debuted strongly on Wall Street with double-digit valuations. The two offerings brought the number of enterprise-focused IPOs so far this year to twice as many companies that had come to market at this point last year.

  • Infosec's missing buyers

    This year's RSA Conference was stuffed with startups. One of the main reasons for that overpopulation is that venture-backed infosec startups don't generally look to buy fellow venture-backed infosec startups. So far in 2018, we've tallied only one VC-to-VC infosec deal. Meanwhile, the other main buying groups in tech M&A - public companies and PE firms - are approaching double-digit numbers of infosec acquisitions so far this year.

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