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  • 31 December 2020

    Global Prefabricated Modular Datacenter Forecast 2019-2022: It's Serious Business

    This update report provides an analysis of the market size and growth potential of the prefabricated modular (PFM) datacenter market through 2022. Our projections are based on a comprehensive bottom-up market-sizing analysis that incorporates revenue estimates and forecasts for each of the more than 50 competing vendors in this sector. This report also identifies and examines key market trends impacting the PFM datacenter space.

  • 28 December 2020

    2021 Trends in Datacenter Services & Infrastructure

    The datacenter industry is one of the few that in many ways has been positively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for datacenter space has remained strong, as have investment and M&A activity. We expect to see continued strong growth in the industry, even as pressure builds for providers to construct facilities ever more quickly and at lower cost, while also boosting efficiency and, ideally, powering them with renewable energy. Datacenter vendors and service providers are responding to these challenges by becoming more flexible and adopting new technical approaches, but more change and pressure will test the industry in the years ahead.

  • 16 November 2020

    Colocation providers outperform as cloud operators keep adding record amounts of capacity

    While enterprise spending on IT infrastructure slows in the third quarter in response to COVID-19 risks and technology changes, demand for leased datacenters remains buoyant in all geographies and most verticals.

  • 29 October 2020

    HCTS 2020 Datacenters Replay: Innovations in Datacenter Technology

    Presented 10/8/2020. Moderators: Daniel Bizo, Senior Research Analyst, Datacenters & Critical Infrastructure; Stefanie Williams, Research Analyst, Datacenter Services & Infrastructure Panelists: Henry Hsu, VP Strategy, Datacenters, Legrand; Peter Panfil, VP Global Power, Vertiv; Udi Paret, CBO, ZutaCore

  • 19 October 2020

    Honeywell partnership signals the start of a new era for Vertiv

    Vertiv has teamed up with Honeywell to develop and market more comprehensive offerings for datacenter operators. The companies say the combination of their products will utilize improved data and control integration to help reduce operational costs and sustainability liabilities for datacenter owners while improving performance.

  • 7 October 2020

    The mist around datacenter water use makes for unclear views

    Environmental sustainability will define the trajectory of the datacenter sector in the coming decade. As datacenters mushroom and the effects of climate change become amplified, operators will be pressured to demonstrate their good stewardship of natural resources. Water consumption is inevitably an area of scrutiny.

  • 21 August 2020

    DCIM vendor Sunbird Software feeds on electrical data to find sweet results for datacenter operators

    The stand-alone DCIM software developer has deepened its feature set in electrical monitoring and capacity planning to lower risks and drive infrastructure economics. It has positioned its product as easy to buy, roll out and use, which resonates with datacenter operators that typically struggle with budgets and staffing.

  • 19 August 2020

    Leased datacenter majors raise capital plans amid peaking IT deployments

    Sustained high levels of datacenter leasing have triggered widespread guidance upgrades and expansion of capital plans at multi-tenant datacenter majors. Datacenter equipment makers faced headwinds, yet the outlook is promising as demand for more digital services helps fill order books.

  • 1 July 2020

    With accelerator sales speeding up, NVIDIA's datacenter business looks to maintain upward trajectory

    Accelerator chip vendors NVIDIA and Xilinx are eyeing a bigger share of the datacenter market, but the competitive sustainability of NVIDIA's lead in particular is under structural pressure from hyperscale buyers developing their own chips and processor makers Intel and AMD.

  • 25 June 2020

    Global Switch expands in Amsterdam amid stop to new datacenter planning approvals

    The wholesale leased datacenter provider's new datacenter, Amsterdam East, will be constructed alongside its existing facility, Amsterdam West, which is near the financial district and city center.