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  • 12 February 2020

    Cribl takes aim at the thorny problem of steep logging costs

    The startup is designed to give teams control over logs and other operations data so that they can secure, enrich and shrink logs before forwarding them to the destinations of choice. The aim is to offer users more control over their logs so that they can afford to ingest and analyze all of the logs they need.

  • 11 February 2020

    Grafana Labs wants to evolve into a tool that handles metrics, logs and traces

    Experiencing a lift attached to the growing base of Prometheus users, Grafana Labs wants to go bigger, hoping to serve as a key observability tool for businesses embracing cloud-native technologies. It has already rolled out v1.0 of Loki, a targeted logging tool, and demonstrated a trace visualization capability.

  • 22 January 2020

    ServiceNow gains AI, machine learning technology with Loom buy

    The company has picked up both AI/ML expertise and monitoring capabilities with Loom, a small vendor focused primarily on analyzing logs. With the addition of Loom's log analytics technology, ServiceNow may push deeper into the monitoring sector.

  • 22 January 2020

    Circonus targets its highly scalable time-series database at monitoring, IoT use cases

    Now that more of the market has need for the kind of scalable streaming data and analytics capabilities that it offers, little-known Circonus is stepping up activity aimed at gaining more visibility in the market - bringing on a new CEO and describing its offering as machine data intelligence, for example.

  • 17 January 2020

    2020 Tech M&A Outlook: Infrastructure management

    After a record-shattering 2018, demand for companies developing software to manage IT infrastructure plummeted to the lowest level in a decade last year. The drop came as the reliable buyers in the sector shifted toward tuck-ins and away from larger strategic purchases " or in some cases, stopped buying altogether.

  • 16 January 2020

    BigPanda now analyzes change data, not just events

    The company is expanding the data it ingests and analyzes to include information about changes to applications and infrastructure, as well as topology. With that data, it is delivering two new capabilities: correlating changes to incidents, and building a complete topology that informs its analyses.

  • 13 January 2020

    LogicMonitor adds log analysis with Unomaly acquisition

    Infrastructure monitoring vendor LogicMonitor has picked up Unomaly, a small Stockholm-based vendor that uses AI and machine learning to analyze logs. With the acquisition, LogicMonitor gains the ability to combine logs and metrics, and a team of engineers and data experts to help it further develop its ML capabilities.

  • 9 January 2020

    With the proliferation of dynamic app and infrastructure environments, Evolven's time has come

    Change has always been a common culprit of performance problems, but cloud-native technologies that embrace change increase the imperative for insight into the relationship between change and performance. Evolven reports an uptick in interest from prospects that are struggling with this.

  • 19 December 2019

    2020 Trends in Applied Infrastructure & DevOps

    Global business leaders have at their collective disposal the digital and physical tools to innovate, serve customers, drive efficiencies, and create and increase value faster than ever before. The modern, cloud-native IT environment -- with its intelligently connected and orchestrated multi/hybrid/edge execution venues supporting workloads like IoT and AI -- is becoming too complex, distributed and strategic for humans to manage alone. The result is a growing need to rethink end-to-end IT strategy and architecture, partners, consumption models, and organizational alignment to support the increasing reliance on intelligent toolchains and algorithms to run efficiently.

  • 11 December 2019

    Virtual Instruments becomes Virtana as it assembles building blocks for comprehensive monitoring

    After making a number of acquisitions over the past few years, and further developing internally built capabilities, Virtana is talking about its hybrid monitoring and automation vision. It has continued to build out features employing machine-learning technologies, and is developing its automation techniques.