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  • 21 September 2020

    PagerDuty invests in automation with Rundeck buy

    Automation is increasingly a hot topic in monitoring and incident response. By handing over $100m for Rundeck, PagerDuty has obtained an automation engine that currently supports auto-remediation as well as incident response workflow automation.

  • 11 September 2020

    Incident management, marketplace top list of new Datadog offerings

    The company introduced a host of new offerings and capabilities at its recent virtual customer event. It also announced the Datadog Marketplace, where partners can build applications and integrations on top of the Datadog back end and sell them to customers.

  • 8 September 2020

    Coverage Initiation: Transposit targets automation demand from incident responders

    Armed with new funding, the company plans to develop analytics that could help incident responders more quickly resolve problems and ultimately drive more reliable applications. Transposit will face some challenges, but we see opportunity for vendors that ease the confusion around adopting automation in monitoring and incident response.

  • 24 August 2020

    With monitoring startups in favor on Wall Street, Sumo Logic puts in IPO paperwork

    Already a unicorn in the private market, Sumo Logic is looking to cash in Wall Street's recent interest in monitoring vendors of all varieties, along with security companies more broadly. Sumo Logic straddles both monitoring and security use cases, and should find plenty of buyers in its upcoming offering.

  • 21 August 2020

    New Relic revamps pricing and packaging

    The vendor has reimagined packaging and pricing for its products, aimed at both simplifying its product suite and attracting new customers. Its new plan includes a per-seat model as well as a perpetual large free data tier. It now makes three core offerings.

  • 18 August 2020

    Breaking Down Automation in Monitoring and Incident Response

    While IT teams have long expressed interest in and adopted automation, the deployment of cloud-native technologies has dramatically increased the demand for and value of automation. In monitoring and incident response, there are disjointed approaches to automating certain processes, as well as a lack of best practices -- particularly in cloud and cloud-native environments -- and gaps in available tooling. The market is seeking structure, guidance and recommendations to achieve potential benefits to automating monitoring and incident response workflows.

  • 12 August 2020

    With fresh leadership, AppDynamics is tasked with speeding integration, innovation

    As part of Cisco, AppDynamics has the potential to deliver the kind of unified monitoring and management tool that customers are looking for. It's now up to a relatively fresh management team to execute on these opportunities and drive the kind of rapid change required to compete in the evolving monitoring tools market.

  • 7 August 2020

    Datadog buys startup Undefined Labs to push left into development environments

    The target's Scope product is designed to offer deep visibility into software testing and release cycles with the goal of enabling faster and more quality code deployments. The move should help the acquirer expand its scope by offering utility long before production.

  • 6 August 2020

    IT monitoring meltdown: Just 11% of decision-makers are satisfied with their monitoring tools

    In a recent survey, we found that 83% of respondents are either actively seeking new monitoring services or have plans to expand or improve their approaches to monitoring. With only 11% saying they're satisfied, users are demanding new functionality from vendors.

  • 3 August 2020

    Cloud Native Market Monitor: Competitive Landscape

    451 Research's Cloud Native Competitive Landscape provides an overview of the cloud-native market, including the definition, current state of play, COVID-19 impact and competitive landscape (457 vendors included) within each of the 10 cloud-native segments under coverage.