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  • 26 August 2019

    Code42 goes 'all in' on data loss 'protection' with Next-Gen DLP for insider threats

    After several years of dabbling in DLP, Code42 has now fully embraced the moniker with a slight twist, Next-Gen Data Loss Protection, in what effectively amounts to a reboot intended to leverage its backup pedigree to tackle the data risks posed by departing employees.

  • 20 December 2018

    Storage Market Map 2018

    Data storage technology continues to evolve. While new players and technologies continue to emerge, the largest players are retaining their focus on all-flash, hyperconverged, object and cloud storage, and data resilience. This report defines the main storage market segments and the position of over 200 vendors in those segments.

  • 12 July 2018

    Data Security Market Map 2018

    Our 2018 Data Security Market Map attempts to provide structure to an otherwise sprawling industry marked by overlapping subsegments and increasing cross-pollination as vendors look to expand their wares into adjacent markets. Ongoing data breaches, the growth of cloud and mobility and new privacy mandates such as the General Data Protection Regulation are key demand drivers.

  • 21 June 2018

    Zerto reveals its vision for the future of consolidated data protection

    The data protection market has seen a convergence of products as previously separate capabilities are brought together and integrated. Zerto is aiming to take on traditional backup and the accompanying use cases with its data replication platform.

  • 5 June 2018

    Cohesity expands capabilities in Azure, debuts CloudSpin fast data access for test/dev

    Delivering on-prem efficiency to the public cloud can be a challenge, and Cohesity's new CloudSpin technology brings instantaneous and properly formatted copy-data capabilities to support test/dev and analytics of application data in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

  • 5 June 2018

    Cristie Software is now the home of (IBM) SysBack

    The company has taken over development and support for IBM's System Backup and Recovery software, which delivers $2m in revenue. The deal effectively turns Cristie into a major player in AIX and Solaris backup and recovery.

  • 11 May 2018

    Google looks to increase cloud-migration velocity with Velostrata buy

    The search giant has reached for cloud-migration and workload mobility startup Velostrata to help streamline the journey to Google Cloud Platform for enterprise customers. Google has been emphasizing enterprise-friendly capabilities and is now spending to enhance them for GCP.

  • 5 March 2018

    Overview: Cloud-Enabling Technologies

    This Market Monitor Cloud-Enabling Technologies report provides updated market and vendor estimates through Q4 2017. Cloud-Enabling Technologies (CET) encompass the vital support system for a cloud environment, which includes the automation and management stack. It is our position that server virtualization itself is an enabler for cloud computing. Additionally, what the broader industry terms 'private clouds' fall under the purview of our CET definition because this technology is installed, delivered and consumed on-premises, and is not hosted by a third party. However, the CET tools included in this analysis are commonly leveraged by cloud providers to create the cloud environments they offer as a service.

  • 1 March 2018

    LINBIT grows its proven HA platform for Linux to cover software-defined storage

    The company's distributed replicated block device technology is a powerful contribution to the Linux kernel, offering an integrated open source model for building high-availability clusters. With the growing interest in scale-out storage systems and hybrid cloud, DRBD's HA roots may be a natural fit for protecting distributed software-defined storage.

  • 16 January 2018

    Veeam dives into agentless cloud backup and recovery for AWS with N2WS buy

    The backup and recovery vendor kicked off 2018 with an acquisition, scooping up cloud-native backup vendor N2WS. The company's platform backs up AWS environments, and marries well with the direction Veeam is moving, as it looks to provide availability for any workload.