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  • North American Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply: Top Markets - 2011

    This report provides current supply, demand and utilization metrics, as well as market-specific analysis similar to Tier1 Research's previous supply report series. This report goes further than our previous look at the top six North American markets, as we now size each market by existing supply levels, include maps of datacenter locations and identify all providers as well as identify the top three datacenter providers in each market.

    Multi-Tenant Datacenter

  • Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply 2011

    This report was last published in September 2010; the 2011 report provides current supply, demand and utilization metrics, as well as updates to market-specific analyses near the conclusion of 2011 for what Tier1 Research qualifies as the top six US markets (Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, northern Virginia and New York) and the top four European markets (London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt). Estimated datacenter market sizes and geographical business snapshots are included for US markets only; Asia and Europe will be included in future versions of this report.

  • Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply 2010 Mid-Year Update

    The Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply Mid-Year Update Report 2010 gives readers an overview of the multi-tenant datacenter market. Single-user enterprise datacenters, single-tenant datacenters and carrier hotels are specifically excluded from this analysis, although colocation and hosting facilities that lease space in carrier hotels are included. Additions to this report from previous versions include an analysis of M&A opportunities, IPO activity and additional color with respect to capital entering the sector to fuel more datacenter build projects. Additionally, each geographical market/metropolitan area includes snapshots of population and major businesses in the area, as well as a quantifiable market size of the multi-tenant datacenter providers in the area. Our 2010 report at the beginning of the year included Europe in lieu of the Asia-Pacific region, which this report revisits. Future reports will alternate between Asia-Pacific and European datacenter markets.

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