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  • Backup and High Availability

    Vendors in the backup and high-availability sector provide the much-needed fault-tolerance, backup, disaster-recovery, high-availability and business-continuity capabilities for virtualized IT environments. Backup and HA tools have become more important in a cloud-focused IT environment where the infrastructure is either virtualized or hosted in a private/public cloud, creating the need for a failsafe data-protection framework to be in place. The backup and HA tools on the market today largely represent a transition in existing technology, where both traditional data-protection vendors and the newer virtual-backup specialists are actively enhancing their products to address the challenges of the highly dynamic cloud environment. Included in this report on the backup & HA sector are the market revenue aggregates, growth forecasts, vendor shares, and segmentation by geography, customer and verticals.

    Cloud Transformation Systems & Software Infrastructure

  • Cloud-Enabling Technologies Overview (Report IV)

    This is the fourth in a series of market overview reports on the rapidly evolving virtualization and cloud-enabling technologies space. This is a timely report in light of the attention, adoption and investment we are seeing in this market. There is rapid growth in private and public cloud environments alike, and vendors in the cloud-enabling technologies space are addressing both opportunities. This report provides updated estimates, historical revenues and growth forecasts for the cloud-enabling technologies market, and includes a breakdown of revenue by the six market subsectors, as well as by geographic region, customer size and vertical market.

    Cloud Transformation Systems & Software Infrastructure

  • Conducting the Cloud: Orchestration - With a Focus on Test & Development

    This report examines vendor approaches as they converge on this opportunity from all points. We use test and development workloads - a key use case in the cloud - as a lens to focus our analysis. The report offers extensive profiles of the vendors operating in this space – including the Big Four systems management vendors and other major players – as well as revenue projections for the market.

  • Management-Automation

    This report focuses on automation as one of the essential tools within the cloud-enabling technologies management stack and includes vendors that have offerings for both virtual and cloud environments. Included in this report are the market revenue aggregates, growth forecasts, and vendor shares and segmentation by geography, customer and vertical of the automation sector.

    Cloud Transformation Systems & Software Infrastructure

  • The Big Four and the Cloud

    This report examines how the Big Four are responding to the opportunity and threat posed by the cloud. It focuses on the products and professional services these vendors can bring to bear to manage public or private cloud environments, how these offerings are positioned in the market, and what success these vendors have had to date in selling these products, as well as M&A activity - past and future - that will affect these vendors' cloud management strategies and portfolios.

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