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  • 25 February 2020

    Cloud Price Index: The Old Managed Service and the Sea

    Once able to putter around safe harbors of virtual machines charged by the hour, enterprises must now navigate a swirling sea of great complexity. Evaporation here leads to new rainfall, which restocks the sea with new products, services and options. Sometimes the swell may rise and fall as prices change temporarily, and occasionally turbulence will sweep price changes across a small patch of cloud services. But the sea is getting deeper as service providers develop more capabilities, and also choppier as new tiers, generations, technologies, chipsets and pricing models are created and renewed. Although each droplet matters, it is the interactions between them that dictate sailors' success or failure.

  • 18 January 2019

    The cloud bandwidth tax punishes those focused on the short term

    The majority of users today will pay a tax for accessing their cloud data over the internet. Those that access regularly and store for a limited time pay higher units costs than those that take a longer-term view.