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  • 3 December 2019

    Notejoy's annotation platform promises joyous collaboration around shared knowledge

    While messaging platforms, emails and word documents can serve as collaborative annotation tools, they can be unruly to manage and search. Notejoy sees its collaborative note-taking platform as filling the gap between messaging tools and emailing, an area where important context can be lost.

  • 8 November 2019

    The new wave of subsea cables set to make a splash in Europe: Part 2, Northern Europe

    In Part 2 of our focus on the latest European subsea cable developments, we look at northern Europe, which is lighting up with significant new fiber systems coming in from the Atlantic. The Nordics are proving attractive to hyperscalers that have decided to build cable infrastructure, while Ireland is becoming a gateway to the continent.

  • 17 October 2019

    Hugo looks to make team meetings more productive with its centralized meeting notes app

    The company's web application centrally stores meeting notes and allows users to easily share them with teammates and their other apps. The value proposition is to increase post- and pre-meeting agenda alignment, enable greater transparency, and ensure teams are on the same page.

  • 13 September 2019

    Enboarder brings automation to onboarding workflows with a focus on employee experience

    Using no-code workflow building, third-party integrations and mobile 'nudges,' Enboarder allows users to build their own personalized onboarding experiences to improve employee retention and satisfaction. It could separate itself through its employee experience focus to be seen as a trusted partner of those organizations or even a potential acquisition target.

  • 18 December 2018

    AgilOne's customer data platform grows into an intelligence platform

    The combination of data ingestion and real-time analytics capabilities is helping to turn AgilOne's customer data platform into a next-generation customer intelligence platform.

  • 18 April 2018

    FlexVPC is putting SafeXain to work

    The company has launched SafeXain, its blockchain offering that can securely automate a wide range of transactions – from identity validation to information and document sharing.

  • 1 March 2017

    Electric Imp sneaks up on big industrial IoT security challenges

    The company has narrowed its IoT market and product focus to industrial and commercial OEMs looking for an all-in-one, security and connectivity offering. The continous focus has proven to be apt, given recent market performance.

  • 17 March 2016

    Paris Multi-Tenant Datacenter and Hosting Market

    The third-largest multi-tenant datacenter and fourth-largest hosting market in Europe, the Paris metro market has fought hard to grow at the same rate as other primary European markets. Concerns over connectivity and reach into the rest of Europe and the French business environment have led international service providers and enterprises to consider Frankfurt and London over Paris for hosting data assets. However, localized business is strong, and this has helped Paris retain its position above Amsterdam as a city location, despite the Netherlands’ favorable connectivity.

  • 12 August 2015

    Datrium: not quite your father's storage, or anyone else's

    Storage startup Datrium has emerged from stealth with a product that has a very unusual internal architecture. The company also happens to be well connected, healthily funded and led by a management team with some impressive history.