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  • Corporates open doors for PE exits

    After a dry spell in 2017, strategic acquirers have come pouring back into the tech M&A market, printing larger deals and paying higher prices. In doing so, they're delivering a disproportionately high amount of exits for private equity investments.

  • Surging strategics

    Following a pair of down years, publicly traded strategic acquirers have come roaring back to the tech M&A market. Through the first four months of 2018, those buyers have collectively paid more for tech acquisitions than any start to the year since 2015. Our recent survey suggests that could continue through the rest of the year as newcomers print big deals and veteran acquirers outdo themselves.

  • Survey: Strategics to start acquiring again

    Anticipating the return of strategic acquirers, tech dealmakers have delivered their most bullish forecast in four years. For the first time since April 2014, two-thirds of respondents to the semiannual M&A Leaders' Survey from 451 Research and Morrison & Foerster expect an increase in tech M&A deal volume in the current year.

  • A spring boost for tech M&A

    A long-anticipated blockbuster telecom tie-up pushed acquisition spending in April to its highest level in seven months as corporate buyers once again flexed their M&A muscle. Sure, T-Mobile's reach for Sprint skewed last month's total, accounting for half of all spending. But other companies also put up their biggest prints.

  • Verifone and the vanishing PE premium

    Pressed to spend their expanding treasuries, private equity firms spent lavishly in 2017, pushing multiples on billion-dollar tech deals to a record level. While the number of deals at the high end of the PE market continues apace, the valuations have sunk as sponsors have turned their attention toward more mature properties.

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  • Market lurches but M&A surges in Q1

    Even as equity markets convulsed and economic concerns mounted throughout the opening months of 2018, tech dealmakers kept doing deals. M&A spending on tech and telecom acquisitions across the globe in the January-March period hit $119bn, according to 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase. The just-closed quarter stands as the highest spending level for Q1 of any year since the end of the recent recession.

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