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  • Be mine (or else)

    Rather than a heartfelt romantic plea, the traditional Valentine's Day sentiment of 'Be mine' is beginning to sound distinctly ominous in some tech M&A circles. We write that as Broadcom and Qualcomm sit down together for the first time to discuss the unsolicited offer that might result in the largest-ever tech deal. And on this day celebrating love and romance, there are a few other examples of acrimonious acquisitions that directly go against today's holiday.

  • A correction and its implications

    The recent bear market has certainly mauled Wall Street. Anxious dealmakers are now worried that bear could start roughing up the M&A market. That's certainly what happened in the previous stock market meltdown in early 2016, when deal spending didn't recover until summer.

  • Webinar: Tech M&A Outlook 2018

    Join 451 Research on Wednesday for a one-hour webinar looking back on tech M&A in 2017 and what we anticipate in the market this year. We will highlight the trends that we expect to shape deal flow as well as the markets and companies that we think will see much of the activity. Additionally, we'll cover other markets that impact M&A, including the near-term IT spending outlook, changes in the VC industry and what the recent volatility on Wall Street means for the current crop of tech IPO hopefuls.

  • A muted start to a muted IPO market

    The tech IPO shutout is almost over, but just barely. Later this week, if all goes to plan, Cardlytics will list on the Nasdaq. Fittingly, the first offering for 2018 will almost certainly be a muted debut in an overall market that's likely to be rather muted this year.

  • Buyouts are back, boosting January tech M&A

    After tech M&A spending dropped to its lowest level in four years in 2017, this year is opening with a bang. In the just-finished month of January, acquirers spent $43bn on tech and telco purchases around the globe – exactly twice the median amount that buyers spent on tech deals each month last year. Resurgent financial acquirers led the way in January, recording their third-highest number of monthly transactions in history.

  • Sensitive 'barbarians'?

    Although private equity is often portrayed as heartless and hardened dealmakers, it turns out the group is actually quite sensitive. We don't necessarily mean emotionally sensitive but rather economically sensitive. This hyperactive group of acquirers is far more attuned to interest rates, credit availability and other economic factors than rival corporate buyers. And they are feeling the costs of the new tax plan, which has them stepping out of the tech M&A market right now.

  • What to look for in tech M&A in 2018

    As we look back on 2017 and ahead to 2018, 451 Research has published its annual forecast for tech M&A, highlighting the trends that we expect to shape deal flow and the markets that we think will see much of the activity. The just-released report serves as an overview of the broad M&A market, setting the stage for the upcoming publication of our comprehensive report that features analysis and predictions for eight specific IT markets on what deals are likely in 2018.

  • 2018 Tech M&A Outlook: Introduction

    Just as the tech industry itself has been marked by transitions from one era to the next, the tech M&A market underwent a similar generational shift in 2017. Dealmaking got disrupted last year. Major tech companies that had set the tone in the market for years found their influence waning. Other acquirers from either outside the tech sector or outside the US aren't picking up the slack. Against those declines, a new buyer of record emerged from the fringes at a record pace: private equity.

  • Bankers look ahead to bustling 2018, after presciently predicting M&A slowdown last year

    After accurately forecasting a slowdown in tech M&A last year, senior investment bankers are expecting a rebound in dealmaking in 2018. As they looked at their current pipeline for the coming year, nearly seven out of 10 respondents to our annual survey said it is fuller now than it was a year ago, on a dollar basis. The outlook for 2018 is more in line with typical forecasts than last year's survey, when a post-recession low of just half of the bankers indicated fuller pipelines.

  • A long, long shopping list

    Despite a lackluster year for tech M&A in 2017, corporate acquirers overwhelmingly forecast that their companies will be looking to shop again this year. More than six out of 10 respondents to our annual survey indicated that their firms would be more active with acquisitions in 2018. That was the most-bullish outlook since the end of the recent recession, coming in more than three times higher than the 18% of corporate buyers who expect their companies to step out of the market.

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