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  • 5 December 2019

    Igneous protects, visualizes and mobilizes unstructured data assets

    The company has developed a platform for managing large volumes of unstructured data, which continues to be one of the most pervasive storage pain points for enterprises. Its approach includes not only protecting the data, but also indexing it and automating its movement to reduce the management burden.

  • 5 December 2019

    Blockchain-as-a-service startup Chainstack extends its platform with new capabilities and increases choice

    The company is making progress toward becoming a one-stop shop for distributed ledger technology by enriching its platform with new features and protocols, and onboarding new partners. It is pursuing organizations that lack the technical skills or resources, or just don't want to worry about the operations of the blockchain infrastructure.

  • 4 December 2019

    Distributed ledger technology IOTA seeks to take on the IoT world

    The IOTA protocol has been designed for IoT use cases, seeking to enable connected devices to exchange data and value at scale, in real time and inexpensively. The IOTA Foundation is in charge of maintaining and further developing the protocol, as well as driving its adoption.

  • 27 November 2019

    There's nothing 'mini' about how MinIO approaches object storage

    Thanks to vendors like MinIO, object storage is starting to be recognized as the flexible and powerful storage platform of the future as it combines metadata-rich visibility and governance with the performance needed for analytics and other data-intensive workloads.

  • 26 November 2019

    AWS Storage update unleashes 15 new enhancements and features

    The announcements come a few weeks ahead of the re:Invent 2019 trade show in December, and feature enhancements to AWS's file, object, block storage and data transfer portfolio, to improve the cost efficiency, manageability and resiliency of its cloud storage services.

  • 25 November 2019

    Zadara boosts cloud storage service with NVMe performance

    The company has released a number of platform updates to improve data mobility and cost efficiency, in addition to its NVMe performance upgrade. Zadara has also upgraded its object storage service with new erasure coding and geo-replication enhancements.

  • 22 November 2019

    Dell EMC aims to redefine converged infrastructure with PowerOne

    The company has made its integrated automation appliance the star of its converged platform, resulting in substantial automation of most tasks associated with infrastructure deployment, provisioning and management.

  • 21 November 2019

    Privacy specialist TrustArc trusts Nymity to further expand its research credentials

    Ongoing research is the foundation of a successful and adaptable data privacy program as new regulations emerge, yet many organizations struggle to keep up. TrustArc, with 20+ years helping manage privacy requirements, is known for its deep bench of in-house expertise. Its pickup of Nymity, a privacy management specialist with similar focus on research, enhances this knowledge-based approach.

  • 19 November 2019

    Clumio extends cloud-native SaaS backup to AWS workloads

    The company emerged from stealth with a data protection service designed to back up VMware workloads to the AWS cloud, and is now releasing backup for AWS workloads. Will Clumio's simplified approach disrupt an already crowded market for cloud-based data protection?

  • 15 November 2019

    Blockchain Technology Partners and Digital Asset join forces to launch Sextant for DAML

    Blockchain and nanotechnology meet as the blockchain startup and the creator of the DAML smart-contract language have partnered to launch a new commercial offering, Sextant for DAML. Their first early adopter is leveraging the product for a nanotechnology-based authenticity and traceability platform.